Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Health Care or Scare?

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Today is International Women’s Day where there is a bronze statue of a little girl staring down the giant bronze bull in the Wall Street area.  She is there to challenge the male domination of Wall Street. It is also a day after the President’s new health care bill was presented to us all. Strikingly he has refused to provide any funding to women’s needs by cutting off Planned Parenthood yet Viagra will still be covered by health insurance plans. 20 million people who signed up for health care will have nothing unless they sign up for this new plan. They couldn’t have found a way to hold onto the records and continue to sign people up? Now we have to start all over again with this repeal crap the Republicans have pushed forward. They call it the American Health Care Act where many are already protesting  it’s  content.
Some say the proposal is already dead on arrival because it would probably be defeated in the House. There are also some Republicans in the Senate that will not vote for this plan. Most people objected to Obamacare because of the cost to the middle class. Well, this new plan will not put a dime back in American’s pockets.  The deductions to folk’s paychecks will continue. Pelosi said, “This plan would make America sick again.”  Good aspect is that people with pre-existing conditions will still be able to buy insurance. Also children 26 and under can stay on their parents’ insurance, but what they don’t promote that you will still have to pay a premium for those kids. Can you afford another $5, 000 dollars per year per child in addition to the deductions on your paycheck?
There will be no lifetime maximum on benefits. The new plan doesn’t require you to buy insurance but it will give you a 30% penalty if your coverage lapses. How does that help anyone? The losers in this plan are low-income people who will need financial assistance to just buy health insurance. We don’t even know what this plan will cost? It is a lighter version of Obamacare with less benefits. Tax credits are ok but we need more coverage not money on our tax return. It includes a tax break for insurance company executives making over $500,000 per year according to Trumps beloved BuzzFeed news. The new health care will repeal the 10% tax on indoor tanning costs. We need a break on that?

This plan is only 66 pages but in it there is one tenth of the GOP Health Care Bill that deals with lottery winners. It will deny Medicaid coverage to lottery winners. We have no idea what this will cost? The rocket scientists in charge of this trash released the plan” …without having estimates of its cost from the Congressional Budget Office…” At least with Obamacare we knew the cost to bitch about! It is like going to an expensive restaurant that doesn’t list the price of meals on the menu. Makes you just want the free bread. This mess can be compared to people being pulled out of an ambulance to be put into another ambulance that they are still building. Meanwhile Americans are in the middle of this tug of war dying or broke from this non-stop nonsense   of just being able to get decent affordable care for all.  The American Medical Association has rejected this new health care plan because it fears that too many Americans will now have no medical insurance. 

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