Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Russians are Here

When the Donald wants to talk about wire taping he should look no further than the behavior of the people he hired and not at our former President. Although thankfully Mike Flynn   has already been hired and fired within months of his new job, the question remains. Are we Russia’s bitch yet? Now Congress demands answers on Flynn’s wiretapping. Why did the new National Security Advisor to our new President have to be fired after just 24 days into his new job? Why did Trump fire the existing National Security Advisors? They didn’t do anything wrong. Witch one of Putin’s hats did Trump pick this guy out of?
Mike Flynn had to be fired because of the content of the communications he had with a foreign government. What still remains unsolved is how did anyone know what he was talking about to the Russians? Apparently United State agencies were listening in to those calls. It is one thing to listen on to the Russians but American’s usually do listed in on supposedly trusted high ranking officials that are supposed to be working for America. In order to do that you need a court order handed down by a judge. The same way Obama would have needed a court order from a judge to allow surveillances on Trump Tower if that fake story existed. Yesterday the FBI Director said under oath that they had no evidence of Obama wire taping anyone.
The strangest thing about all this is that the FBI and the CIA has so far ignored a request by Congress due on March 17 for all the evidence that led to Flynn’s firing. Why? Our Constitution requires them to respond. This is just one scandal among so many scandals mounting against this administration. Is this administration just a Russian operative in this country? Trump’s budget already reflects that of a dictator. Increasing funds substantially for our already bloated military budget while reducing   or eliminating funds altogether for humanitarian and ecological needs of the population including health care. The Flynn scandal began with Russian government hackers that broke into the Democrats computer servers and helped themselves to whatever information they wanted before the election.
With that ammunition they were able to help Trump get elected. Glen Caplin  was  the Clinton Campaign National Spokesman who discovered that they had been hacked by the Russians. At first no one was alarmed but now too much Russian crap is floating on the surface of our Democracy and it smells bad. Soon it was realized that the Russians were not just interested in the election but that they were interested in influencing the election to go 100% in Trumps direction. Russia was and still is angry with Bill Clinton who put sanctions on Russia during his administration for humanitarian reasons in how the dictator treats his own people.
Before this questionable   foreign governments never got involved in our elections. In October it was a national security concern and a crime then that no one did anything about. Robby Mook Hillary’s Campaign Manager tried to point out that there was Russian language in the Meda Data, the hackers were working Russian hours and not working on Russian holidays. It all seemed like it was from a bad spy novel.  No matter  who you voted for, we can not have foreign governments influencing our elected officials or our elections. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together and Americans need to know how all this is influencing the decisions being made by our President. Flynn was listening in on the Russians and it was revealed that the Russians were in complete contact and conversations with Trump aids before the election and before Flynn’s high appointed position in the Trump Administration. These are the kinds of shady deals Trump is an expert in creating.  


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