Monday, March 20, 2017

Hear the Hearings

Today is a very busy day finally in Washington. It should be an ordinary day where our elected leaders discuss items that will benefit the American people. It is their job, it is why we elected them on our behalf but not today. Today is a day for analysis of the candidate for the Supreme Court open position and more importantly the beginnings of holding Trump’s boys to the wall in the ever growing proof emerging of Trumps ties to Russia before and after he was elected. There will be meetings to discuss the unsubstantiated wiretapping claim and Bill Gates has a meeting with Trump to obviously discuss why the man is cutting all humanitarian efforts globally. It is very necessary to hold people accountable for all the stupid things going on in Washington and time to clear the disastrous weeds from the American lawn. Unfortunately, the needs of the American people have to be put on hold while we try to reprimand the bullies in charge. It is just like elementary school where the teacher has to stop teaching to stop the bad assed kids from disobeying. Who suffers? The good behaving kids just eager to learn something in school.
Congress is finally getting busy. The most normal event scheduled for today in Washington is the beginning of the confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s choice for Supreme Court Justice. This hearing is expected to go on for 4 days. The Democrats should oppose him since the Republican Congress didn’t even give Obama’s choice any recognition. They did not want a Justice to be hired in Obama’s Presidency even though they supposedly liked the guy.  The Democrats will at least try to slow the nomination on objections to Gorsuch and his views on torture and   his enthusiasm for Guantanamo.
More importantly today the first hearings will begin on this administration and the links to Russia. So many people tied to Trump have been exposed to having conversations with the Russians, accepted monetary gifts and done business dealings with them. Russia is known to bribe people for influence. Russia wants America to foot the bill to help them oppress the Ukraine. Former Intelligence Director James Clapper and FBI Director James Comey  are due to testify about their knowledge of dealings with Russia. Issues will be discussed about the Russian intervention into the election.

Thursday on March 30 in the Senate there should be discussions about interference into the election also Chairman Burr and Senator Mark Warner will lead the investigations. They call it Disinformation: A Primer in Russian Active Measures and Influence Campaigns. They wouldn’t give it such a fancy title if they didn’t think they has sufficient evidence of wrongdoing. Let’s hope the pile of evidence is so high that they can already put a stop to Trump and his boys. The hearing will be split into 2 parts.  One about a panel that will examine the history and characteristics of the campaign with Russia. The second panel will focus on the role and capabilities of cyber operations in support of these activities. Who are we kidding? They will probably say little or nothing citing that it is an ongoing investigation. 

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