Thursday, March 30, 2017


The only way to understand the nonsense that is going on in the White House is to read some spy novels authored by Tom Clancy.  Start with a series of the spy novels called ‘The Commander in Chief” that is now, well read “Reaching the Breaking Point”. Then go on while thinking about how the Trump administration is now, well read the book, “Under Fire.” Then put all your thoughts together and read, “Call to Treason.” Realize how this   country is in, well read the book, “Clear and Present Danger”. By now you are disgusted that this man is, well read, “Without Remorse.” After all that reading you should be experiencing, well also read, “The Sum of All Fears.” The main problem is that Tom Clancy is a fictional spy novelist but our lives as Americans under this scary administration are real and present.
What Trump has done is spent about 13 visits to golf courses and continuing and had 21 visits to Trump-Branded Properties. I thought he said he was going to keep away from his businesses? Does this guy even like being President? He apparently doesn’t like doing even the fun traditional Presidential duties. Now Trump said that he won’t throw out the first pitch on Nationals opening day. I guess he only knows how to palm pussy and not a baseball. Yeah, I just said that! This is a fun baseball event that all Presidents took place in except Carter. Since President Taft in 1909, Presidents throw the first pitch at the season opening event. It is a Presidential tradition now. . Even President Franklin D. Roosevelt   threw a pitch while  he was in a wheelchair and managed to beat Hitler too in World War II.
Trump didn’t attend the White House Correspondents Dinner to get roasted. He won’t put his businesses in a blind trust and hates living in the White House. On Thanksgiving he will probably eat turkey instead of save one.  Why did he become President? Now we have Devin Nunes who is a Congressman that was on Trump’s transition team. He is leading the investigation into Russian intervention in the election.  Meanwhile this Trump thug is telling Trump what he is finding in the investigation. Who is this guy representing? An investigation or simply an informant for Trump? You can’t have a fellow suspect interviewing a suspect and calling it a fair investigation. Meanwhile today a bi-partisan effort is starting to get to the truth of Russian involvement in our election and government.
The Senate Intelligence Committee will be calling witnesses today. It seems that the Nunes House investigation is unraveling and going nowhere. Trump is threatening his own party by telling them he will not support fellow Republicans in the Freedom Caucus if they don’t back down on the Russian issues. Isn’t that blackmail?  Haven’t his own party had enough of his shenanigans? It is time for the rest of the party to grow a pair and stand up to this bully and all his henchmen. Tom Clancy’s spy novels are better than this crap because that is fiction. Our lives are real. Not funny.

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