Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Related imageIt looks like Grand-pa Trump is giving up and passing a lot of responsibility on his daughter and son-in-law. Are they now the President and first lady of the White House? The Donald now has a reputation he created for himself as the giver of crazy tweets. His craziest one so far was the fake accusation of Obama wire-tapping him. Then Mr. Trump found it extremely necessary to fire just about everyone including State Department officials in the department that is designed for problem solving. He fired advisors that have been employed there for Presidents since Regan.  He replaced trusted seasoned advisors with folks that are Russian paid off flunkies of which some have resigned already and nut jobs like Kelly Ann and her “fake news” and microwave ovens spying on her. The biggest joke is the arrogant White House spokesman in the press room Sean Spiser who simply bullies everyone. Grand-pa just wanted to be liked.
Who is Jared Kushner? Ok, he was kind enough to marry the President’s daughter but does he deserve to now have the highest clearances in the White House? It has already been proven that he too had previously undisclosed meetings with the CEO of the bank that financed Vladimir Putin’s body of grand wealth and meetings with the Russian Ambassador.  Does anyone get in the White House now unless they have some tie to Putin? Now Jared must testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee about his involvement with Russian banks who are led by graduates of Russia’s spy college. Yes, Russia has a college that trains spies.  It is called The Academy of the Federal Security Service of Russia.
So the spy, Sergi Gorkov soon gets to be in charge of Russia’s largest bank called Sberbank where the assets of businesses Putin destroys get saved and distributed as Putin sees fit into his and his bullies pockets.  This is the same bank that holds Ukraine’s assets that the United States had sanctions against. Scandals get out and ironically Trump’s longtime lawyer is defending Russia’s biggest bank in court. Who said Trump isn’t married to Putin? This lawyer Marc E. Kasowitz threatened the New York Times after it published 3 pages of tax returns. Now Trump throws reporters out of the White House press room from the New York Times. Is Trump really the President of the people or just of himself and his assets? You know the answer.
Trumps Campaign Manager Manafort, was receiving $10 million dollars per year since 2006 from Russian banks. Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, was fired because he accepted money from Russia. Attorney General Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself because of his ties to Russia.  So Kushner is 36 years old and now is going to basically take charge of everything in the White House. He already holds the title of being the person in charge of Middle East peace. He is a very religious Jewish person who insisted that the President’s daughter convert to Judaism before marriage. Suddenly Trump is also very interested in Israel’s increased happiness.
Jared is also in charge of overseeing China, Canada and Mexico. He is in charge of trade deals in the White House. In addition to all that Trump said that Kushner will lead a SWAT team to “fix government with business ideas” through the White House Office of Innovation. He will also be in charge of the Veteran’s Administration and their affairs. This son-in-law of his only inherited his dad’s real estate company before all this. He will also be in charge of the $1 trillion dollar infrastructure plan. He will also be in charge of modernizing the technology and data infrastructure of every federal department and agency. That means he will also be in charge of broadband internet service to every American   and the Opioid crises in America. This guy’s new jobs were announced on the same day as it was announced that he will have to testify about his links to Russian banks that hold the assets of overtaken governments and that financed the $50 billion dollar Olympics and hold most of the Russian people’s taxes.
I guess grand-pa Donald President just wants more time to tweet, watch bad TV commentary and play golf. 

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