Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Climate Needs a Law

Finally someone wrote a speech for the Donald that had him talking in complete sentences. For a moment I thought he cared about this country more than his reputation.  It   is so sad that he has surrounded himself with corporate greed guys that really could care less about pollution and climate change. There is currently flooding happening on all coasts of America. The glaciers at both poles are melting causing a rise in sea levels. Gas emissions from cars and factories are ruining the ozone layer. Insurance companies believe in the problem but corporations like ExxonMobil ignore the problem yet they have risen their oil rigs in the oceans to accommodate for the rise in the levels of sea water.
Is the solution to loose trillions of dollars of coastline real estate to the sea? Build more shelters to house the homeless due to bad storms and increased flooding in our communities? The Donald doesn’t even have a plan. He is a corporate pig who is doing everything in his power to ignore scientists and side with oil company corporate greed. He hired Rex Tillerson the former CEO of ExxonMobil to be our current Secretary of State. He will go global to promote polluting companies as ExxonMobil is the worst. Rick Perry is now the Secretary of Energy that when he ran for President wanted to eliminate the department. He will just sit back and collect a pay check now. He hired Scott Pruitt as an EPA Administrator who is against funding for a clean power plan.
It seems that overnight our land has been taken over by climate deniers. Obama worked hard and succeeded in convincing world polluters like China, developing countries and the United States who could never agree on emission standards on April 22, 2016 to sign the United Nations Paris Agreement to agree to monitor and curb global warming. The Donald rises to power and has vowed to cancel the agreement. Not only is it damaging to the environment, America now looks like fools to the world. On election night only 7 months later he declared a complete reversal in policy. President Trump a climate change denier has promised to pull out of the Paris Agreement and has appointed top cabinet and government positions to key players in the fossil fuel industry. Many of our advances in clean energy like wind power or solar power will probably fail if they are left unsupported.
The only solution to this problem to save our land, air and homes and coastlines is to have a massive lawsuit similar to what we did to the tobacco industry and finally declare their products unsafe for everyone and limit the sales of tobacco to the general public. Tobacco companies even denied that smoking causes cancer.  Tobacco companies declared that smoking was not unhealthy and that nicotine was not addictive despite the scientist’s claims too. They were making billions of dollars from that industry. We proved in the court of law that the products were unsafe. If we can do this legally in the courts to oil companies there is hope for a safer world.

There are currently Attorney Generals from various states supporting an ExxonMobil investigation.  ExxonMobil is the most profitable company in the history of the world. They need some regulations now. As the tobacco industry knew that it products are unsafe for humans, oil companies need to be proven that their activities are also very harmful to humans. It is a hard battle with now so many polluters in our current administration. The courts still have more power over politics. Meanwhile, move to higher ground and watch our shorelines fall into the rising seas. 

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