Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Talk About Your Costs

Tonight Trump gives his first speech to members of Congress. He is supposed to be discussing his budget. We already know he plans to increase military spending by $56 million dollars while cutting funds to the Environmental Protection Agency and other existing areas of interest. I guess he only cares about the environment around his golf courses.  He should be addressing the amount of money his and his personal family is costing the taxpayers already. How much money is the Trump family costing us? The Secret Service is trying to keep up with the various places the Donald wishes to be. Most recently he was conducting meetings at his Washington D.C. property. Why won’t he stay at the White House where the secret service is already set up to protect the President?
Those bloated Congressmen are no better. I guess we can call all of them American Royalty because they certainly act like royals instead of servants of the American people. Last year Congressmen spent more money than ever on travel. Let them spend their own money when they travel. They get paid plenty. Taxpayers are funding a first-class congressional foreign travel boom. We have Ambassadors for that living all over the world. Let them skype them. Will the Don talk about that? I doubt it. Just in 2016 they took 557 trips that cost $10,000or more per trip. They traveled so much that their trips grew by 27% over where they went in 2015. Why? Because they can obviously! It is estimated that the total cost for 2016 Congressional travel cost about $20 million dollars.
Trump has a new skyscraper in Canada opening. It is a 69 story building. It is the second tallest building in Vancouver. Trump’s adult sons Eric and Donald Jr. are to attend the official opening at the taxpayer’s bill to fund what it takes to keep those boys safe when they go abroad. These guys now run their families empire and since the election their travel conveniently comes with secret service protection. That is costing the taxpayer. Promotional videos of the new building paint a life of luxury. If you buy a condominium in the building you will have access to a private jet and a chauffeured Rolls Royce. Every one of its more than 200 condominium units are sold. Anywhere they go they are met with protestors so that is just more a challenge for the secret service. Why do we have to pay for them profiting from their own businesses? Talk about that Trump!
Eric Trump has already made three overseas business trips since our new President took office only 2 months ago. Taxpayers get the bill for his security. In January he traveled to Uruguay   for a glitzy party to promote a Trump building still under construction.   Just that one trip cost the secret service and the State Department $100,000 in hotel rooms alone. Can’t those greedy Trumps even foot the bill in their hotels for the guys who protect them? Nope. Eric Trump has also been spotted in the Dominican Republic. Earlier this month he and his brother Donald Jr. flew to Dubai for a gala opening this time for a Trump golf course there. How does any of this benefit the American taxpayer? What is worse is that the poor slobs in Middle America with no jobs voted for this pompous spoiled family.
The government won’t even disclose how much money it is costing to keep the brothers safe while they make personal profits all over the world on these business trips.  Federal law requires protection for the President and his immediate family. But secret service coverage for adult children is optional. They could decline it as Ron Regan Junior did. The public has a right to know how much money the Trump adult brother’s security costs since the purpose of the trips is to make money for their families’ business.  Talk about that Mr. President!

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