Monday, February 20, 2017

Protesting the President on President's Day

Seriously? Sweden? Now our delusional leader with all his miss-information is commenting on a terrorist attack that never happened in Sweden. That place is about the size of Delaware yet they have generously taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees with no noticeable problems. There are never any problems in sweet Sweden. And where are all Trump’s advisors? Have they given up on him too? The garbage that is flowing from his mouth daily is worse than the most rotting filled trashcan filled with muck. No one can stop the man? Ivanca please! Some of us still believe in you! Today millions of Americans are off from work, schools are closed, banks are closed and the stock market is closed too. We are all supposed to be celebrating President’s Day. We would share whatever trivia we knew about past Presidents with our children. We used to be proud if our kids said they wanted to be President too.
Now we can’t even let our children view anything the current President says since it will probably be hateful, biased, wrong and nothing worth repeating. He never even says the word peace. Millions of people celebrated President’s day with their kids protesting in cities all over America chanting, “Not my President.” Sad.
We have no escape from this mad man. He seems to be dominating the news every day. It is hard to ignore his outrageous statements. Yet he is our leader now and we are the most powerful nation in the world. Pence is busy traveling all over the world trying to calm down all the leaders of other countries that we have everything under control. Do we? Trump mentioned Sweden in his effort to defend his now failed ban on immigrants. He said Sweden has problems now that they have never had before. The leaders of Sweden wanted to know what the Donald has been smoking lately to make him so paranoid. Trumps comments came from his personal research of watching a show on FOX News that wasn’t even current news. Doesn’t the White House have people to brief him on current events?
Related imageHe is dominating the news about an event that didn’t happen. He is the bearer of fake news.He is also the first President to be on the cover of Playboy Magazine.  I am exhausted just thinking about this guy. Can’t we take a break from this President on President’s Day?   In just this past week alone the President said that the media was America’s enemy, confirmed a man who hates the environment confirmed as the head of the Environmental PROTECTION Agency, lost his nominee for Labor Secretary and a National Security Advisor said he wouldn’t work for him, he signed a bill that threw out   Obama’s order that protected waterway’s from coal mining waste. Who the hell wants coal mining waste in our water?

He packs so much in so little time. Shamefully nothing has helped the American people. He has managed to dominate all discussions about him when this day we should be reflecting on some of the great statements and things some of our greatest Presidents have done for this country and to whom we should never ever forget them. 

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