Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Lying Leaders

Many of the Presidents have lied but none to the extent that this guy has. Most of the time it is difficult to sort fact from fiction since he is unhinged and no one in the White House can do any research before the venom spews from Trump’s mouth. There are stories that our nation’s first President Washington said, ”I cannot tell a lie” but there is a guy, Professor  Charles Lewis who is the founder of The Center for Public Integrity as an investigative journalist was able to find so many Presidential liars that he was able to write an entire book on the subject. He is a Professor at the School of Communication at American University. The book is called 935 lies. I guess he could write an entire sequel book as he compiles Trumps lies alone.
Liars seem to grow from both Republicans and Democrats. I think though when you finally get to be the top man in this country, you should do more fact checking before you open your mouth. Some of the more recent lying Presidents were for example, Richard Nixon in 1973 when he declared that “I’m not a crook” and then Watergate happened and he was impeached for his crimes. In 1998 Bill Clinton stared at the press and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” and then   Monica’s dress was revealed with the President’s semen on it. Apparently he had a very close relationship with his intern. In 1986 Ronald Regan in a speech from the oval office said he did not swap weapons for hostages. By 1987 he made another speech from that same office but this time he at least apologized for his lie after looking over the “facts and the evidence.”
Trump said he would save the taxpayer’s money. Obama spent $12 million dollars each year in his entire 8 years of his Presidency on travel expenses. Trump has been in office 2 months and has already spent $11.5 million dollars in travel expenses to his various personal properties at the taxpayer’s expense.  Why are we paying for his sons to visit places to check on his properties?   How is he saving us money? Some of Trumps most glaring lies are when he said that the media doesn’t cover terrorism. Many reporters have died, had their heads chopped of in their bravery to go into war zones to report about terrorist attacks. Trump has never served in the military or gone anywhere dangerous. He told sheriffs that “the murder rate has been the highest it has ever been in 47 years.” False. The FBI has reports that the actual murder rate is no   where near what Trump lies about. Without any proof he declared that millions of voters committed voter fraud and gave votes to Hillary.
This President seems to ignore the truth altogether. Yet there are still plenty of Trump supporters who still trust the guy. Will Trump apologize once in his Presidency for the chaos and confusion he is causing? No he tries to shame his critics into submission.

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