Friday, January 27, 2017

Liar! Liar!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! I am tired of writing about Trump but daily he always does something outrageous. Recently he had his first interview since becoming President just a week ago. What he is doing and saying now is very different from what he said during his campaign blah, blah.  Do voters even know what kind of creature they elected? Yes they knew that the Donald will build a wall on the Mexican border but did they know that he already signed the executive order and that the American taxpayer will be paying the cost of the massive structure? The schoolyard bully said before he got elected that Mexico would pay for the thing. He hasn’t even started negotiations with Mexico yet but the construction crews are already designing the thing. The Mexican President said he will have no part in constructing or funding the thing.
On the issue of undocumented immigrants in America the Donald has already lied on how he will deal with the issue. What is the problem anyway? If we find them, give them documents and tax them and make sure that where they work also pays taxes.   Most illegals in this country are hard-working individuals who work at jobs no one wants to do at low wages with no job security or benefits anyway. They already have a hard time trying to make a living. Often their children who spend all their lives in America don’t even know that they are here illegally until they want to apply for jobs and colleges and realize they do not have birth certificates or social security numbers so even the next generation has a hard time surviving in America. The Donald says he has no policy on this issue. During his campaign he said he was going to deport everyone regardless of any situation.
He won the election anyway but insists that he wants an investigation into voter fraud. He already discussed the issue with Congressional leaders. He is crying that there was 3 million illegal votes in the popular vote. Where is your evidence of any of this Donald? If this was true it would be the largest case of voter fraud in American history? In the past he gave the popular vote to Hillary. Already he is calling his meeting with Congressional leaders a private meeting that the public wasn’t supposed to know about. Really Donald? Secret meetings already to back face your original intentions? There has been no investigation into this matter and for him to already claim that there were 3 to 5 million illegal vots made is an unsubstantiated lie. Our democracy is solely based on free and fair elections. He should not be lying about this sensitive issue!

Donald lied about reports he said he would present about his intention to open prisons around the world again. He makes outrageous statements and does not back them up with true facts. His people call his statements “alternative facts”. A fact   is a fact and anything else is a lie Mr. Trump!

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