Monday, January 2, 2017

Golf Anyone?

My New Year’s Resolution is to try to be kind to Donald Trump. Sadly I’ m already breaking my resolve. The man has already proven to be a bully when he said the election was “fixed” before he even realized he won the thing. Now if he lost the election by having about 3 million votes more than the other candidate would he just go home? I doubt it. He has already lied about many of the things he vowed to do on the campaign trail. Today he is taking it easy and playing golf. It only just makes me think of how he lied to all those Scottish people he lied to and gave to him their precious pristine coastal land.
About 10 years ago Donald Trump stepped off his plane and went to Scotland and made a vow. He vowed to build the greatest golf course the world had ever seen. He found 14 hundred pristine acres in the town of Aberdeen.  It is a stretch of coast line along the North Sea. For thousands of years there have been no development and the natural sand dunes have been carved out by the wind making it a pristine paradise untouched by any commerce. Donald does not see any value in this natural paradise.  He wants to build. He wants to build a hotel, a clubhouse, housing around the course etc. How did he create the trust of the Scottish people? Sounds like the election.
He promised or lied to them that he would bring billions of dollars to the region and jobs. He got important people from the Scottish Parliament to believe him and support him. Soon everyone was convinced that Trump was a good thing. That was then. It is where we are now after the election trying desperately to support the pompous blowhard liar. The Scottish support was a decade ago. Now most say the sale of the land was a mistake and they were seduced by Trump’s promises. He talked big and did not deliver. He became to be known as a brash big mouth bully. Sounds familiar. He intimidated those who stood in his way.

Today he has a sub- zero image in Scotland. Many view the project as a failure. It hasn’t generated the 6 thousand jobs as promised. It generated a total of about 150 jobs. The condos, hotel and clubhouse are still only ideas in blueprints. They feel the last person they would like to see as our President is Donald Trump. The same people here in America who are plagued by economic anxiety have put their vote and faith in the man who has made the same kind of unfulfilled promises to the Scottish people 10 years ago. So, I can only resolve to tolerate the already obvious that has managed to dupe so many Americans who believe he can really deliver on his half- baked promises. The Scottish people are down- right embarrassed in their decision to have any faith in the man.  

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