Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hockey and Curry in Canada

Time for winter sports. There could not be any sport more for winter than Hockey. Playing it, following it, watching it and listening to it. Lately listening to the hockey broadcasters ha e gotten an Indian flavor to the sound of their voices probably because they are Indian-Canadian. Just listen to Hockey Night in Canada that is the longest running show, since the 1930’s of all male talking heads sports shows. They say women like to talk a lot but I think when it comes to a male sports enthusiast, they will win a sports talk challenge.
Canada has become more diverse and has a growing Punjabis population. viedAlthough they don’t play hockey in India, the people like it in Canada.  The Punjabi announcers put a new twist on everything in the game. Whenever a fight breaks out they play Indian dance music. They sing short songs whenever a goal is scored. When a player gets a call against him, he doesn’t go to the penalty box but goes to the box of punishment. It was last season when one of their cat calls went viral on the internet   when the team won the Stanley Cup. The announcers were invited to the championship festivities. They are becoming famous for their antics.
Now people who don’t understand Punjabi listen to the game and enjoy it just for the antics. The announcers still fill the distinction of being dorkey walking status machines. A huge population of the Siki people have adopted the game as their own. They have become hockey fans. It is interesting that a population of people who look different, speak a different language and listen to different music have a sport in common that they love. Suddenly classmates are being accepted wholeheartedly because of their common love of the sport.
The more the turban wearing people knew, the more they assimilated into society until 911 came and the terrorist era began. When those planes crashed through the World Trade Center buildings and fell, instantly all that was achieved fell as well too. Even here in America the fear of any Muslim in the country prevails. Donald Trump got elected partly for his very vocal opinion to round up the turbans and get them out of the country. All of a sudden these respected and loved sports announcers were looked at like they were the enemy too. Anyone with the last name of Singh approached the problem with dignity and education. They went on with their lives peacefully and ever the so knowledgeable about their still love for hockey.

It is odd even today to see a person with a turban and a beard on television being a basic broadcaster but for these guys on this show to look like that and to also be able to deliver a fun informative satisfying hockey experience is simply amazing. They have been more amazing than even the teams they discuss. Mr. Singh is probably the only man to ever have his traditional wedding in a hockey rink. 

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