Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy?New Year!

Happy? New Year! Is it going to be possible for us to be happy in the future? Some are very sad about the election. Sad about Obama care sucking our income right out of our meager pay checks. Sad about Trump aligning with Putin instead of Obama over diplomats and spying. Sad that our prisons are now corporate owned and are simply a business and not a rehab in any way. Storage units for human life is the American prison system. We must overlook? These problems or anything that is troubling you personally. We can’t jus flick them away like an annoying fly. At least take notice of the good in life and then feel a quiver of happiness.
I find happiness in the St Jude brand of hospitalization. A charity that at least gives back immediately to the families crushed by cancer. They will treat the patient and their immediate family. They will house and take care of both till things get better. That idea   which   is a reality   gives me happiness. Another source for happiness for me is The Boys Town of America which provide a special home for some very needy kids who are career criminals before the age of 16. Some have committed so many crimes already that they have 80 year sentences to jail. Located 10 miles outside Omaha, Nebraska is a place where almost every kid is at a crossroad in their young life.
The goal is that the kids can leave the town called Boys Town behind and move on to a productive life.  Most of the kids arrive there straight from jail. Their parents don’t have any more money left for bail. Their multiple crimes have exhausted any rehab programs. Boys Town is that beacon of light in the darkness that can hopefully be the last chance for the kids to lead a free and happy life.  Rent the old movie about the place and realize that it is still in existence for about 100 years now. Sometimes a last chance for a kid can become a new beginning. Total holiday sales this year are expected to exceed $1 trillion that is an  almost 4% increase over 2015, Does happiness come in a wrapped box and a bow? No! Things come that way.
At Boys Town they have names again and are not identified by their jail number. They get 24 hour housing that is not a jail cell but a home with meals and an education. Now they can here that someone is proud of them. Meanwhile there are more felons in Boys Town than in any other place in Nebraska. There they are doing all their best to change.  It was only boys until 1979 and then girls were sent there too. Most of the kids have been unable to live anywhere else without getting into trouble. This is their last chance. The kids go in knowing only that they are bad kids. They are then reminded that all that bad was their own decision and they have their youth on their side to change from bad to good. There are about 55 homes on campus housing about 8 kids each.

Try to find your happy in this New Year my friends and readers. You are my friends because I realize you take the time out in your busy life to connect with me and read my rants. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of you who have connected with me. Happy New Year to you!

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