Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who has scandal in their candicacy?

We all know that the Donald is the schoolyard bully and doesn’t pay taxes and tells us nothing about how he makes his millions of dollars. His parents couldn’t take his bombastic attitude and quickly put him in overnight military school as a youth. Yet he has faithful followers. Followers that got really burned by Obama and his suggestions for a great country. The good once hard working middle class white people of Ohio and Pennsylvania love the Donald no matter what because they have suffered so much. Much are unemployed or living a very poor life. Many are the coal miners who now have no jobs since Obama wanted clean energy and closed the mountains off. He never followed up with those clean energy solar and wind jobs for those people. They are so hurt they will blindly vote for anything as far away as Obama as they can get.
Retired workers in Florida will vote for the Donald because their retirement money and pensions have been slashed by 2/ thirds of their pay going to finance Obamacare. They never voted for that. In just 20 days will we find out anything important about the Donald specifically how he will help his voters? I doubt it. People say they mistrust Hillary yet she has been examined by the Justice Department and the FBI and we know more about her than anyone. Today the FBI released her e-mails that they investigated to the public for their own view. They found nothing worth prosecuting in them. This election is ot about the candidates policies but more about their ethics.
The word scandal has been used about both of them then any word useful to the poor American public. Therefore the people have neither need for any candidate. If you stack up the scandals, Hillary has less than the Donald but that is a real low bar to have to pass. I think she will just die if she doesn’t win the White House this time. Most of Hillary’s scandals have been heavily litigated. For example, Whitewater, There were more than 6 years litigated by three different prosecutors and multiple Congressional committees failed to find sufficient evidence to prosecute her for anything. Then there was Benghazi where there were 8 Congressional investigations that concluded that the State Department could have done more to secure the place but did not find any wrongdoing by Hillary.

Nearly half of all American adults are concerned about her private e-mails and how they lived off their family charitable foundation. The Republican National Convention had speech after speech discussing her e-mails in that she should have had 2 phones and 2 e-mail addresses. There was no law saying that she had to have anything separated. All of the e-mail noise would have been avoided if she has an address that included a state . gov. e-mail address for all her e-mails then her personal e-mails would have been on government servers therefore making them more assessable to be allowed for public records. Ironically, Chris Christy, Jeb Bush, Sara  Palin, Colin Powel, John Carey, Rick Perry, Scot Walker, Bobby Gindall also used one phone. They aren’t getting any soundbites for their devices. 

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