Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Finally the last debate tonight!

Still on the subject of Clinton bashing. Let’s talk about the Clinton Foundation. It was known as a top rated global foundation that helped millions of people around the world receive HIV treatments among other services[cs1] [cs2] [cs3] . There is no problem in taking charitable donations for good causes but there can be a problem taking donations while being Secretary of State. The question was if our foreign policy decisions were swayed by a large donation to her charity? One highlighted donation   came from Russia while she approved one of the largest   Uranium mines to Russia.  There were 4 separate donations totaling 3.4 Million dollars and the donations were not publically disclosed. Hillary was not involved in that decision even though it looks like it was some kind of swap. Eight other federal agencies had to approve the decision including the Nuclear Regularity Division of our government. Could she be THAT powerful?
After 7 weeks of looking through e-mails and foundation activity, they found nothing to directly prosecute her for. If she can irate   you like a persistent pimple, Trump is like a giant tumor that suddenly grew on your face blinding your sight and also preventing you to even eat.  Either way we need a President we can be proud of. If you are troubled by Hillary’s past, Trump’s past is still far worse. A company called Politifact has been keeping track of the candidates and have found that 13% of Hillary’s statements to be false. For Trump, his false statements was a whopping 53% of lies. He supplements his lies with descriptions of his sexual style. He even said that if his daughter wasn’t so young that he would be dating her. We know he likes pussy grabbing and lounge thrusts in women he barely knows as a beginning to possible sex.  Now we can’t even let our children watch the debates because they might turn x rated thanks to the Donald.
Thank God tonight is the last waste of time debate. We know practically nothing about what we need to know about Trump. He is the only presidential candidate since 1980 to NOT release his tax returns to the public. His reason of being audited has nothing to do with a release. He can release the papers and be audited at the same time. There are unanswered questions about his business dealings. His investments, debts and business ties are global. There could be many conflict of interests here. It is suggested that he put all his assets and liabilities into a Blind Trust where an independent trustee has authorization over you’re your investments. This is nothing new. It is usually used for rich people who suddenly have strokes or anything happens where they can’t do business anymore for a period of time.
Donald’s response is no response and shockingly ignorant of what even a “blind trust” is. He wants to put his children in charge of his assets. So what if they run the company. He is still the president and still in control of   his assets. If her foundation worries you his foundation is a complete nightmare. It is supposed to be HIS charitable place. Records show that he has NOT donated to his own charity since 2008. Recently it has been revealed that he spent more than a quarter of a Million dollars of donated money to settle his own lawsuits he lost. He spent $10,000 of foundation money on a portrait of himself that is on a wall at one of his golf courses and is the second time he has done this. Do you think he will help the poor of America? Never!
The portrait stuff would be considered legal as long as it was put toward some charitable purpose. Not legal here! It is not hanging in some orphanage. He also spent $12,000 of charity money on a signed Tim Teboe helmet. He used foundation money to contribute to other political people who were going to investigate his fraudulent University. The list of questionable practices of Trumps is endless. He never took care of anything because he never ran for political office or even worked for anyone else in his life therefore no scrutiny. Just change the name of his foundation to be The National Association for the Advancement of Donald Trump. This is just scratching the surface of his questionable activities that have never been under Congressional scrutiny.  His bogus University, his treatment of undocumented workers on his construction projects,  his illegal big game hunting trips, and an illegal 3 Million loan from his father in the form of a gift of casino chips. Yes the debates have been documented by scandals on both sides but they are not in equal numbers on both sides and have not been dissected equally. You should be outraged by his business dealings, ethics , and disgusting treatment of all mankind. Watch the debate tonight with a tall glass of Alka Seltzer!

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