Thursday, September 1, 2016

Related imageYesterday I ranted more about the history and fascination of guns in America. Today is all about the problem with guns today. The gun enthusiasts think of  guns as if it is a kind of toy.  They go into exotic places to kill the wildlife for no particular reason but boredom with their lives.  Meanwhile we have lost yet another living example of the beauty of the earth. Then we have the thugs on the street who know they are worthless but with a gun in their hand they immediately have power and control.  They don’t realize yet that killing someone else doesn’t really change their self-esteem at all. It does not make them a great person. In both cases guns do make life final before our time of a natural death for no reason.
Today in California where the streets are hunting grounds for thugs, they are paying cash for peace.  In California they are paying potetionally violent people cash not to use their weapons.  Why is it still so easy to get a weapon? Thugs are now being rewarded with monthly checks and even free cross country sightseeing trips. Is this  the only way to make a thug care about his decisions regarding death? This nation is now plagued by gun crimes everywhere. How else can we stop the cycle of bloodshed.  So, just give them money so they will not rob us at gunpoint for our money.
This August was the deadliest month in Chicago in 20 years.  There are 19 year old kids who have already lost about 10 friends or family members to death by the use of a gun. The cycle of death needs to be stopped. Retaliation is not even a consideration it is expected.  In Richmond, California there is death by guns every night. In 2007 the city came up with the idea to pay thugs not to pull the trigger. The better the behavior the better the paycheck. The maximum is $1,300 per month. The money is taxpayer money being given out by a fellowship that is being run out of an Office for Neighborhood Safety. So far they have been approved for enough funds to last 18 months. Dozens of thugs are participating some with more success than others. Apparently no amount of money will not make some of them to stop killing people.
It is wrong to pay a kid not to kill someone. We are thinking humans with feelings and emotions. We are not just killing machines for a price. Someone with ethics and a brain is pulling that trigger. They should have the morals and education to realize that it is wrong to kill our fellow man and exotic animal.  Is paying someone not to kill more cost effective to deal with a dead victim? Let’s go further in the moral depths of nothingness. Let us put more of a price on human lives. One murder cost $2,350 for a police response, $600 for emergency transport to the morgue endless hospital costs in trying to save a dying person due to bullet wounds but we will estimate a basic cost at $12,700, family mental health for victims’ families $13,800 courts $2,400, prison $434,500 annually. Almost all of it, a total of $466, 350 dollars paid by taxpayer money not the thugs  who pulled the trigger.   All of a sudden 13 hundred bucks  doesn’t sound like a lot of money.

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