Saturday, September 3, 2016

Related imageShould a miracle drug also be a bitter pill to sick people? It seems that daily the price of essential medicines and their supplies prices are rising to the point that no one can afford to buy the essential drugs that have been developed and researched to keep people alive. Again this is yet another important issue that our paid off elected officials are looking the other way and doing nothing to regulate the greedy owners of these drugs. For example, juvenile arthritis is a serious condition. No child should have to suffer from severe joint pain especially when there is a perfectly good solution out there to help. Children deserve to run and play freely without pain and it is every adult’s job to help the children.
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis can keep some children wheelchair bound from the pain.  A simple cure is to give the kids Humira which  is one of the nation’s top selling drugs. With treatment administered by a pen device, the kids are on the playground and the wheelchairs are collecting dust in the garage where they all should be. Humira is just one of several drugs like Enbrel that helps stop joint damage have transformed the painful lives of millions of Americans who are in pain. Thirty years ago pictures of groups of people suffering were taken with them all in wheelchairs. Now groups get together and the kids are playing Twister and just having fun.  Who are the monsters price hoarding these treatments from easily getting to the sick?
Similar problems are happening with valuable life- saving drugs that treat Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Hepatitis C. The drugs are too damn expensive for no other reason but greed. We should be praising the pharmaceutical companies for manufacturing such life- saving drugs instead families are left to writing hand written signs and shouting throughout American streets. How very sad. Last September one of the greedy snakes were at least exposed to all. The owner of Turing Pharmaceutical was asked why a pill that should cost about $13 dollars a tablet was raised overnight to $750 dollars per tablet.  The tablet is a drug to treat Aids patients and rose 5000% per cent.  The reason way was simply because they can. There is no laws regulating prices from drug companies. In essence they can charge anything they want.
Well then the answer is for America to own their own drug companies paid by our tax dollars and offer all Americans the damn drugs FOR FREE!
Throw these bums out!  All the drug companies are taking more and more money for their products each and every year. This was one company that was the most extreme offender. The reason? There is no competition to even keep the prices down.
According to Reuters the List Price rose from 2010-2015 for these popular drugs:
Nexium 24 hours  rose up by 54%
Neulasta (pegfilgrastym)  rose up by 55%
Advair diskus rose by 67%
Lantus soloStar rose by 94%
Abilify rose up by 96%
Crestor rosuvastatin calcium rose by 113%
Copaxone (glatiramer acetale injection} rose by 118%
Enbrel etanercept rose by 118%
Humera adalimumah rose by 125%
Humera rose from $20,123 dollars per year in 2010 to $45,565 per year by 2015
Thank goodness many insurance companies are picking up the price increases but for how long? We need to be like Canada, Great Britain and Germany where the government puts limits on how much their drug companies can charge consumers. Congress needs to return from vacation and do something we all need!

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