Friday, August 26, 2016

Related imageShould Olympic professional athletes be paid? Yes the games are over now for a while. The dust is settling on the fields. The pools are drying up and soon the padlock will be going on the entrances to the buildings constructed just for the games. The corruption is still going strong among the Olympic Committee members who line their own pockets first with all the sponsored corporate money thrown at the games. There are the heroes who get to go home with a medal. What about all the others who strived equally hard to win and just didn’t this time? Do they deserve nothing for their efforts?  Reform is necessary!
The Olympic Committee is as fair as The National Football League that won’t even pay their cheerleaders a decent salary. The OLC turns a blind eye to the slavery abuses that goes on in Communist countries to show their might as humans are being abused to construct the pavilions to host the gams soon in China. Should the Olympic games co-exist with labor camps, modern slavery and crimes against humanity as seen in the construction of the lavish Dubai?  Abuses have been found in 9 different countries in 9 different continents. It is a world -wide problem. The Olympic values are supposed to be tolerance, solidarity and peace but are their values being taught?
We know that the games are about the world in peace and making the world a better place but at what price? Policy must change. Look closely at the people in charge, the people that make up the Olympic Committee and you will find that they are all border line criminals in practice. Two are convicted criminals and people that were part of the Salt Lake City Scandal and yet continue to serve in high positions on the Olympic Committee. Two members have been exposed for plagiarizing their PHD one of them wrote about the Olympic movement ironically. Some committee members like the African Commander in Chief of Uganda’s Army  during the Presidency of Idi Amin that was hardly humane to their own people.  Until the 1980’s there wasn’t even any women on the Olympic Committee. There are Sheiks and Sultans that do not wish for women to even compete even now in games.
The real objectives of this committee are to maintain their positions and power over the money and to hell with supporting the people of the host cities some who were violently removed from their homes to pave the way for a new stadium.  When a committee member votes for a city as in Salt Lake they ask for bribes for their votes like cash or favors from the city.  These demands remained a secret for a long time until a document was released in Norway that exposed people.  When Norway requested to host the 2014 games they were given 7,000 pages of special perks to be given to the committee.  Things like 24 hour room service including butler service. Things that Norway doesn’t even have. Corruption is alive and well at the Olympics. 

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