Saturday, August 27, 2016

It cost the life of yet another beautiful young American trying to do compassionate things in the world but at least her life made President Obama change his policy towards terrorists. We have the Peace Corp, the United Nations Army, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders all desperately trying to get to help those people suffering from the deadly hands of ISIS. We have young people who give up their careers and hope for a good financial future to help people. They are the saints here on earth. ISIS should respect the work ethic at least if they will not respect any other religion in the world. Yes she is dead now but Obama said that private funds can now be raised to appeal to terrorists demands for hostages.Related image
She is the girl that was left behind. She was captured tortured and killed in Syria. She was a typical All American girl but who dared to travel the world as a humanitarian worker.  At age 24 she was captured when ISIS took over an orphanage where she was working for Doctors Without Borders. If America has the most powerful military in the world, why aren’t these global saints given military protection? Her name was Kayla Mueller and already no one even remembers her. That alone is pathetic since she was raped and her fingernails torn out while in captivity in  a  12 foot cell like a snake. How is it that we know all this and her life was not saved? For political policy?
Her parents were simple people a auto mechanic and a nurse who had hoped that the forces we pay for in our tax money each and every year would protect our brave children who dare to face the enemy for us. She left America in August 2013 with Doctors Without Borders to help deliver equipment to Syria. In just 24 hours later after crossing the border she was captured and held by ISIS for ransom. She was held for months forced to wear all black. Her ISIS guards were  led by the British group led by Jihadi John.  NO HUMANITARON GROUP WOULD HELP NEGOTIATE HER FREEDOM.
The prospect of a negotiated release was very unlikely. The United States Policy is NOT to make concessions to terrorists. Other female prisoners who were from countries who paid randsom   fees were released. Kayla was left behind to die. Who the hell is Obama to tell me I cannot buy my daughter’s freedom If I want to? I bet policy would have changed before his daughter died if it happened to him. In May 2014 Kayla in a simple e-mail informed her parents the demands. ISIS wanted no media involvement, and a cash payment of five million euros to ensure her release. To me this is a simple request since nothing in this life can be obtained or attained without filthy money. A Go Fund Me Account would have probable compiled the funds from every American who wants our kids free and safe for their heroic efforts in the world.
The White House stuck to its policy of no ransom.  ISIS killed Kayla Mueller.
The parents were threatened with criminal prosecution if they tried to raise funds to release their daughter.
They were told that Al Baghdadi the leader of ISIS chose Kayla to rape to symbolize his version of raping America.
February 6, 2015 her death was revealed.
Since Kayla Mueller’s death the Obama Administration promises that it will now allow families to privately raise fund for hostage releases with out the threat of prosecution.

Kayla should have NEVER died! Are we now just saying here we are! Come get some money ISIS? 

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