Sunday, June 19, 2016

Related imageSo it is Father’s Day. Whatever that means anymore. I remember trying to become a father was a lot of fun. For once we could have sex without having to wonder about birth control. To be able to have care free love is a gift from God along with that squirming thing they give you 9 months later to care for and love for the rest of your life. Father’s don’t get any training manuals with the baby either and we have to kick into the whole parenting thing right away. Men have no excuses about swelling breasts or any discomfort from the birthing process except for the injuries we got from our wives who curse us out publicly and declare to the world with all the venom from the devil that we did this to her and she feels like death.
Do we even need Father’s anymore? Women are self- sufficient now. They get good jobs, make their own money and can hire the best care givers to take care of the children. No one stays married these days. For most the baby daddy is just a child support check.  When a neglected child is found wandering the streets the authorities always look for the mother to arrest for child abuse not the sperm donner. Even the boy scouts have female scout leaders. All types of people are parents now. Lesbians and gays can adopt children and many transgender people can become the mom and dad at some point in the child’s life.
Yet they say that a Dad is a special person. I guess if you have one you are lucky to have him these days. Whom  ever is that Father figure in your life deserves a hug today. Usually the memories of a Dad is that he was the guy who always picked you up from basketball practice or some mundane task but he said he would be there and he always was and that was fine. Father’s don’t need to be much anymore. I guess a bride is always happy to have their dad there to walk her down the aisle when she gets married. It is a Father’s honor at her wedding but we all know that our daughters would get married and walk themselves down that aisle at their wedding anyway with us or without us.
I guess Father’s day is good to have and to know that we will always be there if you need us but we know you don’t really need us.  

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