Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Related imageShould taxpayers be funding a new religious theme park? Should religions be reduced to theme parks in the respect department? If one religion is getting tax payer money should we let all religions have tax payer money? Broadway is becoming thematic. You have your gay show Kinky Boots, Jewish show, Fiddler on the Roof, Latin show tribute to Gloria Estefan even tap dancing to the Mormons.  At least  Broadway is not being funded by our tax dollars. Our religious beliefs are the most personal thing a human can ever have. We thank God when we are so appreciative and we pray to our God when we want something. Should we demean our innermost thoughts by being spun around in some God like  amusement park ride? If they won’t go to church should church go to them?
The Old Testament is full of tragedies Genesis chapter 6 to 9 is all about Noah and the Arc. This story of survival from extinction because of 40 days and nights of continuous rain and flooding. A male and female of every living species is saved on this arc. Perhaps the story was written as a “be careful” respect life theme  and not to be enacted literally. Try telling that to the people in the mid-west that are trying to recreate a literal version of the story and you get to pay for this nonsense. A man in Kentucky thinks the story is real and wants to create a theme park with the attraction being a life sized replica of the arc. It is 510 feet long , 85 feet wide and 51 feet high. The dimensions set out from the Bible cubic inch by inch.
When finished the arc will be 7 stories tall and a football field and a half long. It will be the largest timber framed structure in the world. The owner calls the project, “Answers in Genesis.” Is this thing good for America or just another propaganda money making machine? Bill Nye The Science Guy believes it all is actually doing Americans a disservice in miss-information. The owner already owns a place called The Creation Museum located a few miles away. It attracts nearly half a million visitors per year. He teaches a young earth theory of creation. The theory that God created earth in 6 days and on the 7th   day he rested like it says in Genesis. One problem is that he, Ken Ham the founder of these 2places   has dinosaurs on exhibit in both places. Let’s confuse everyone about the life cycles of beasts on earth!
Imagine the chaos on board any vessel if 2 dinosaurs were saved!  Bill Nye has to remind us that dinosaurs died out long before and humans were on earth no less humans like Noah or Jesus. There are multiple millions of years between us and to take admission and tax money and to teach young people this farce is a disgrace!!!
These elaborate exhibits are nothing more than religious propaganda. Almost every religion has a flood story and in this era of global warming with rising oceans and flood disasters, well an arc just might look like a good idea to the stupid. This arc story was written 30 centuries ago and yet we are still fascinated with it. The place is a cult. In order to even get a job at the museum applicants must sigh an oath stating that they believe that “the Great Flood of Genesis was an actual historic event.” They also have to be straight, anti-abortion and Christian. What Jesus are they following who as far as I have read loved everyone Muslims and Jews alike!   This Ken Ham is an embarrassment to this country!
Because of his views the State of Kentucky tried to block him and prevent him from taking any public funding but Mr. Ham boneheaded took his case to the State Supreme Court and WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now his $100 Million dollar project takes advantage of Millions of dollars in tax breaks and tourism benefits. Where is God when you need him???
It is projected that the Arc   will attract 1-2-million visitors in the first year alone. Williamstown, Kentucky is now very much on the map. The Arc will open next month.


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