Thursday, June 2, 2016

Related imageRemember when you would look through the tiny ads on the back pages of a magazine and saw all sorts of sleazy things for sale? It was an education but at the same time revealing and disgusting. Well, nothing has changed except that the disgusting sleaze has of course moved on to the internet. Now combine that with a population of young teens who want nothing more than their computer and to be as far away from their parents as possible you have the site called where your young teenage daughter will be literally put up for sale.
Underage sex trafficking is big business in many countries due to poverty but we would never expect it to be happening here in America and finding our baby girls caught up in the world of prostitution disappear in the internet sex trade. Thankfully there is an ongoing major lawsuit involving hundreds held hostage and forced to be sold for sex. The site is now under investigation by the United States Senate. The kids run away from home taking busses to other states. Older women meet them and take them to youth centers and make friends with them.  Before long the kids are taken to secure homes  where they are raped, held hostage, forced to get paid for sex.  Ads in backpage .com say stuff like well worth it. $150 per hour and it won’t take long.  Soon a 14 year old is making $4,000 a weekend for sex. The money goes to the guy who owns the home she sleeps in.
The owner sleeps near the doors so the kids won’t leave. The advertisement asks if the girls are 18 and over. Not true. A simple click gets you over that question. The girls work every day. By now their pictures are being displayed on milk cartons. By now their daughters are not on the streets anymore. They are kept indoors being sold for sexual favors. The girls receive 25 to 30 calls per hour from creepy guys looking for sex. Right now the United States protects backpage. Com from being legally held responsible from what users post on its site. If a broken toaster is posted for sale on the site, the site wouldn’t be held responsible for the broken toaster sale.
The only way to find these kids and return them to their homes is to do a sting and have cops pretend to buy the girl’s services and then jail the homeowners who are holding them hostage. Some are then given about 25 years in jail for promoting the commercial use of sex abuse of a minor. The girls never want to go to court and testify. They are just in grief and want to move on with their lives. Now the police are posting their own ads under escorts on backpage. Com. Within minutes an advertisement can be up selling an underage girl for services. Within a half hour the requests pour in. Backpage never takes down the ad.
Perhaps if we went back to the practice of castration of a man’s genitals this would prompt the courts to work faster, men would not solicit services, other men would not provide the places for the underage sex to take place and the venue of backpage would not exist.

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