Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Related imageHe is packing his bags and moving out in 5 months. He is our well-spoken, soft spoken, intelligent and peaceful President.  H has served his country as President the most amount of years allowed according to our re-election laws. He has served us as well as he could. Could he have accomplished more if we had a better Congress? Yes. How he remained calm meeting such opposition day after day every day while in office is truly amazing for anyone.
The recent appointment of Supreme Court Judge is his right to do as our current President. Why is he being met with opposition.  He is so disrespected by our Congress that they won’t even meet his choice. It is all politics at its dirtiest. The Republicans have made the decision in this very toxic political year to not cooperate with anything Obama has to say. In 7 years it doesn’t seem that he has a single Republican friend.  The leader in the Senate Republican Mitch McConnell just flat out told Obama that  there will not be any hearing on his Supreme Court choice despite the fact that the D.C. circuit which is the next most powerful court in the land back in 1997 the majority of Senate Republicans voted for the same judge.
Obama never achieved a good relationship with Republicans. It was not in the self- interest to support Obama on anything in the past 7 years. The Republicans never even showed up at the White House for dinners at a receiving line. They didn’t show up to a state dinner   at the White House. They should have been at the White House all the time. They have snubbed him for 7 years to the detriment of the American people. Everyone should have been able to come to the table with their individual strengths and shared their ideas and beliefs. Michele Obama is no ordinary First Lady but even she was cast aside.  She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and all the American people know about her is how good her arms look
Was  Obama shunned because he was born in Hawaii and spent 4 years of his childhood in Indonesia? Was he considered some kind of foreigner and not truly American?  Obama couldn’t even keep his own Chief of Staffers for a full 7 years. Many of his top aides left him throughought his reign. The President has had 5 chiefs of staff. The President’s goal to control guns and efforts to improve immigration were ignored by Congress. Obama came to Washington full of enthusiasm wanting to push change but repeatedly was met with opposition even on issues that previously  was agree to by all. In his final year of office there doesn’t seem to be any hope or change that was the slogans that got him reelected.
Yet he has accomplished much. The unemployment rate went down from 10 to 5% per cent. He got our automobile industry back on tract. 20 million people have health care.  He never got a real friend in the west wing.

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