Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Related imageWhy is the African man afraid of an educated woman? It has been 2 years since they kidnapped nearly 300 teenage girls from a school in Africa. Where did they go? Since then thousands more have been kidnapped. Is this practice the norm there now? Some manage to escape and speak out. They are Islamic terrorists that do such things in Nigeria. The mass abduction spurred global outrage. They are kidnapped to be forceful wives for the terrorists. Most girls who ran away were found and then slaughtered. Samantha Power is the current Ambassador to the United States. She is outraged and visit the protective camps often.
What kind of choice is marry me or I will kill you? Even after being rescued and being returned to their communities they face a stigma of shame for not complying to be a wife. Many of the children there have memories of their villages being burned and their parents killed. There are many stories of sexual slavery, forced marriages and senseless killings.  Whoever has a Bible gets slaughtered. Teens are kidnapped to be suicide bombers. The men are now pledging allegiance to ICIS. United States troops are not fighting there but have a small presence in advising how to deal with the situation. ISIS has taken over the Sambisa Forest and hold their kidnapped hostages there.
ISIS believes that western education is sinful. So far they have destroyed 900 schools. Killed 600 teachers. 219 of the original 300 schoolgirls are still missing. Those who escaped jumped out of moving trucks rather than go with the soldiers anywhere. The so called “freed” girls still are in fear for their lives and the possibility of being found. The terrorist groups in Africa has displaced more than 1 Million children. They have burned villages for no particular reason but have destroyed lives. They have managed to kill more women and children in Africa than in the Middle East last year.
In the “safe” villages the children are friendly and smile but have sad eyes. Yes, life goes on somehow but why must it be so difficult just to live?                                                                 

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