Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Related imageDo you think the American people will get to know the whole story about 911 with a new President? The families of the deceased people in 911 still haven’t been able to sue the masterminds of the disaster. We need to know who they are and we need closure. We have good reason to believe that all the terrorists on that day were from Saudi Arabia and did not act alone. For 13 years 28 pages of an important document has been locked in a vault unavailable to the public. Only a small group of people have ever seen the pages. We know that 19 men who didn’t speak any English, who never visited America before the attack who only had a high school education and no money could have completed such a complicated task without assistance from someone in the United States.  
It is time to declassify the 28 pages missing from the document for all citizens to be able to read. Who is being protected and what are they hiding? The pages were hidden in 2003. There has been hearings about September 11, 2001 attacks at House &Senate Intelligence Committees but neither side has revealed the last 28 pages of the damn report. For their efforts the committees produced an 838 page report with the last chapter blanked out, taken out by the Bush Administration for reasons of national security. It is believed that those pages indicate the names of the people who assisted the 19 terrorists to successfully kill themselves and thousands of innocent civilians of this country on our land.
It is time ti stop protecting Saudi Arabia and reveal those who assisted in this murder. Republican Representative from Florida Porter Goss who was also the Intelligence Committee Chairman of the House side who later became the Director of the CIA also believes that an uncensored version of the 28 pages should be included in the report. So if all our fancy guys in high positions agree to reveal the damn pages, then why isn’t it out there? There was no reason then and certainly years later now why they should not be revealed. The FBI just says no not yet. The information is being held locked away as Classified under the Capitol   in guarded vaults called Sensitive Compartmented Information Phil cities or SCIPS  in government jargon.
It is a highly restricted area where the members of Congress can read the documents under close supervision. No note taking allowed. The documents lay out the assistance that the hijackers had prior to the attacks. Some facts were revealed in the 911 report. We know that the hijackers landed in California. They had Saudi Passports. They managed to get everything they needed from flight lessons to housing. They found friends in Mocks. Phone records found them to be in contact with rich Saudi people in Arabia. Suddenly Muslims appeared who signed leases for the men, provided them with money and any need they wanted.  They helped them get American Identification and enroll them in flight classes.  The hijackers even revealed that they were not interested in learning how to land a jet, just fly it.
There are families of the victims of 911 that now have a lawsuit against members of Saudi Arabia for their involvement in the attack. In court they are developing a story that has to be revealed. The Saudi Government is saying that they cannot be sued because of sovereign immunity. Stop the nonsense and reveal those pages!

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