Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Circus was fun growing up as a child. The best part was being able to see the interaction between humans and the largest and most dangerous creatures on earth that I knew I would never have the opportunity to see again. I remember during intermission that my parents would even pay people more money to let me pet and ride the elephant. I saw with my own eyes the guy crack the whip and these massive lions instantly listen to the guy. Things have changed. The animal rights people have successfully pretty much closed down the reason for a circus. Lions and Elephants are now only to be seen in zoos and sanctuaries.
Related imageEven before my time the circus had freaks of nature.  The bearded lady, the tallest man, the tiniest people and the elephant man. The human rights commission shut that spectacle down first. The exploitation of handicapped people isn’t allowed anymore. So without interesting weird people, large elephants or ferocious lions at the circus what is left? Now even the gymnasts are leaving to perform on Broadway. Yes the gymnasts who now join Cirque du Soleil will soon be in a Broadway show. The group is already a global entertaining success but will they do well on Broadway? It will be a multi-million dollar gamble. When you think of Broadway you don’t think of areal summersaults.
Cirque du Soleil which is already worth billions of dollars is hoping to conquer their final frontier Broadway.  There will still be singing and dancing that most Broadway shows bring but will also add areal amazing feats and gymnastic tumbling. Are they hoping you will never miss the amazing animals at a circus by dazzling you with human expert gymnastics? There is a story of a lounge singer who gets torn up in a love triangle between a young composer and the older famous director. Add acrobatics to that and I am exhausted I think. Cirque du Soleil has tried to have a regular show on Broadway twice before but wasn’t that successful yet they try again.
This show has a 38 member cast. The acrobats train and practice 6 hours a day. Most of the athletes were on Olympic teams in their past career. The two leads are from Kentucky and Texas not New Yorkers. In this show even the singers are hoisted 25 feet into the air. The production has more than 250 costumes. The actors from the mid -west often have problems communicating with the French Canadian crew of the production. Broadway actresses never had to think of safety harnesses or wires in their gowns to prevent their skirts from moving when being tossed around. It is scary but yet exile rating when they do get tossed in the air. No real animals is necessary to feel fear.  The show called Paraymore opens later this month

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