Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Related imageMother’s Day is over and I hope you took the time to say Hi, give a hug or some acknowledgement for the time the woman spent with you and most of all decided to give birth to you. If you didn’t, you should feel guilty. Moms are special people. Now with social media people post photos of them posing with their Mothers. The most proud are those who have the Mothers who are 97 years old and who still look happy. Then there are those who even post the pathetic picture of the poor old woman in the wheelchair with all her bones facing the wrong way. It can be a sad sight. We should always still be happy that they are still alive and recognize us.
The definition of Mother can be confusing. Is Mother the uterus you passed through or that wonderful woman you look nothing like who raised you to be a fine specimen of a human? It is nice when they are the same person. Unfortunately no matter how wonderful an upbringing you have had, many foster or adopted kids want nothing more than to find their uterus Mom.  These days there are new ways to find a relative. Thanks to the use of DNA sampling. There are occupations now getting a lot of business called Genetic Genealogists. Their specialty is in finding your genetic family.  The word used for abandoned babies found is Foundlings.
The questions always remain. Do I have siblings? Who are my parents? Why was I adopted? Why didn’t they want me? Then the underlying distrust and hate slips in. She abandoned me! Does she get to have that great name of Mother at this point? Did she ever want to be a Mother but just couldn’t afford to care for me or whatever reason? No one wants these unanswered questions to tear themselves up inside. The only way to definitively learn about their birth Mothers and family is through DNA. Now it is very simple. Just send a saliva sample to Ancestry. Com and almost immediately your relatives will be identified. Then the reunions happen. People are hugging the brother or sister they never knew they had and the Mother too.
The DNA database is so important for various reasons now. People from all over the country are united. Like it or not. They are united. Then a lifetime of questions are answered. Forgiveness must be addressed. Words like single and unemployed surface. Abortion was not an option or available. Social and economic issues rise to the top of anguish. All the decisions are always the woman’s problem. The Dads often just have a night of orgasmic pleasure and simply walk away. It is the woman that has to deal with the blood and guts of another human life in her body. Respect women no matter what! Many are in equipped to raise children.
The hard healing and forgiveness is the hardest part. All negativity must be removed as the reunions and hugs take place. So even after Mother’s Day, find her and hug her. She is the reason you are here!

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