Friday, March 11, 2016

Related imageT .he American people have to endure debate after debate sometimes three times a week watching new Presidential hopefuls share insults and finger pointing all I can reflect on is the fact that no one saw the ISIS terror attacks coming before the carnage that occurred in Paris and the ISIS inspired mass killings in   California. ISIS operates differently from other terrorist organizations. Today the biggest threat to the United States is ISIS who is wealthy, sophisticated on line and operates freely anywhere they want to in the world. They have the manpower ruthlessness and means to attack at any time. Our CIA should be paying attention and we should know more about them.
Why do they want to attack us? They must think we want to take over the Middle East meanwhile we are tired of 20 years of involvement in the Middle East.  Our brave volunteer Military is returning tired, broken and with mental issues. What have we gained or won from this carnage? Our CIA needs to be more prepared. There are reports that ISIS wants to try to make its mark here in the
United States. Their attempts are inevitable but we hope their successes are none. ISIS feels that the United States is trying to take over their countries. The disaster in Paris shouldn’t have happened if Paris was more prepared and knew what people to watch.
Paris was a failure of their intelligence system. All but one were French citizens trained by ISIS in Syria. They returned to Paris unnoticed and spread out into 6 locations killing 130 people. We learned from Paris to know who is in this country more. However there is new communication devices that law officials can’t get. Things like encrypted internet communications. After the Paris disaster the United States has been working harder and have been able to stop numerous attacks. It is our intelligence that has been stopping terrorists even while they are in Europe before they get to try to come here on our soil.  The Paris attacks involved bombs and guns but we now know that ISIS may have chemical weapons in their arsenal as well.
The CIA now feels that ISIS has the capability to manufacture small quantities of chlorine and mustard gas. This is not for a pool party with hotdogs. They might have the capability to export these chemicals to the United States. This is why it is so important to cut off the various smuggling transportation routes they like to use. The CIA is working hard to find out what is going on in Syria and Iraq. Waterboarding was used and authorized by the United States in the past but is banned now. It was introduced at a time shortly after 911 when all Americans thought that that type of retaliation was just fine punishment for the death of 3,000 people in those towers.
Currently we have no access to Libya, Somalia and Yemen. We need to be operate in areas that are denied to us.  It is our future to keep our ears and eyes open everywhere on the globe for our protection. 

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