Friday, March 11, 2016

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Life is precious and we need to get the most out of our lives each and every day. Why let even just one day go to waste? The difficult part is to be able to get through each and every day feeling accomplished and happy. We all want a degree of peace. We all want pleasurable and pleasant experiences. We want all our 5 senses satisfied. We want to see beauty, smell pleasant aromas, taste good food, touch   nice things and hear good sounds. Imagine being able to get all those things in just one day. It is possible if we surround ourselves with pleasant and peaceful things. Place ourselves in the best environment possible.
Success is a completely different attainable thing in our lives that might take more work because there are so many different levels of success and success can be different for everyone. No two people can even achieve the same exact definition or level of success so one must decide first their goals in order to be successful at them. The easiest way to be successful is to not let your talents go to waste. Whatever it is that you are good at make sure you shine at your task. There can be nothing sadder than to let your talents be put aside and never be exposed to others or achieved by yourself with that sense of satisfaction. To feel successful your talents need to be used in some capacity. It is important in also making you feel peaceful and become a generally pleasant person. All three are tied together to make a wholesome person.
What you are good at is irrelevant as long as it gives you and others around you pleasure. Don’t allow yourself to live with any regrets. Start small whatever you have to. It is not about the magnitude but about putting the wheels in motion to leading a more fulfilled existence. Make a reasonable and attainable list of your goals and make sure you attain something on that list every day until you can successfully accomplish all that you wanted to do on that list every day.  No two lists are the same for everyone. It is a personal list just for you, written by you based on your own evaluation of yourself. Sometimes it can just be a picture of something attainable that can give you the jumpstart to success. Some people crave the beautiful vacation spot or that flashy car. Look at that image while you list your goals and before you know it you might be successful enough to attain that paradise or flashy car no matter the cost.
Psyche yourself up. Be in that mindsight that you can indeed do it. Motivation is key to any success. If you need a boost, invest in those self- help tapes to boost your mind to leave depression and anxiety to motivation and drive.  Most of all know yourself and be happy with life.

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