Sunday, February 28, 2016

United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (International)
On December 31, 2014 The United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) took place which was an alliance of six organizations committed to combating human trafficking making note of one of the worst crimes against humans in modern times. What has been done since then? The six members are 1. Organization for Security and Co0operation in Europe (OSCE)
2. International Labor Organization (ILO)
3. International Organization for Migration    (IOM)
4. Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
5. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNCF)
6. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
Since their conception, each of these separate organizations have in different ways contributed to the goals to stop the practice of human trafficking globally.  UN.GIFT has set up global publications notifying various businesses to stop the practice of human trafficking. These publications are increasing the awareness of the problem. The United Arab Emirates was the prime main donor of UN.GIFT and the provider of financial support. There have also been recent progress in curbing human trafficking on the high seas. Slavery at sea is a known human trafficking abuse. The maritime fishing industry must be made aware that they must pay their labors and not own people as in slavery.
Investigations into Thailand have proven that the problem is still widespread there. More must be done to stop the exploitation of human trafficking among children and sexual exploitation. Almost half of the 30 million “modern slaves” are from India. 1.3 million people  in India are put into forced labor. They are put into the task of manual scavenging of human waste earning only bread to eat or 2 cents per day.  10 countries account for 75% of human trafficking. They are India, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Russia, Thailand, The Republic of the Congo,  Myanmar and Bangladesh. Human child trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes and forms of trafficking in the world. Child crimes is the second largest problem in the world. Just behind drugs.Related image

The global market for child trafficking costs over $12 Billion dollars a year with over 1.2 million child victims according to (UNICEF). More than 85 million   children worldwide are subject to the worst forms of child labor including trafficking for commercial sex exploitation and hazardous physical labor. It is all well and good that these organizations are reporting the abuse but not nearly enough is being done to stop the abuse. When a woman or child is trafficked or sexually exploited by force or coercion for financial gain she is denied the most basic of freedom of human rights and dignity. Where is there a place for self- esteem left when such an indignity is done to any thinking human?
There must be international laws put in place to offer free labor in exchange for a home and food. Dignity among humans must be restored and treasured. Mafia’s must be punished. Factories must be closed. Places of prostitution must be closed if they violate human rights. We need an international police force to make sure no human is left to be humiliated in this way.  

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