Thursday, February 25, 2016

In the 20  years’ since its launch, Craigslist has gone from just a local job posting to a global marketplace to a place that attracts sick weird type  murders of every kind and shape in every type of situation. Why? And why doesn’t the police do some stings to catch these weirdo’s before they hurt more innocent people? The authorities should be happy enough that for some reason a lot of murders are already collected to the site.  It is becoming more frequent that connections made on Craigslist are becoming more violent and more unsafe.
A 7 month pregnant woman saw an advertisement on Craigslist where someone was selling pregnancy cloths. She responded and was attacked by the seller who was trying to cut her baby out of her belly. The brutal attack resulted in the death of her baby and her being   brutally attacked. People there are being targeted by criminals.  Another case was when a couple wanted to buy a car on Craigslist and then was shot in the chest by a man   It is not just buyer beware on Craigslist. Sellers can be at risk too. In 2009 a college student hand cuffed and shot to death a masseuse he solicited for services. He was arrested for murder and later committed suicide in his prison cell. Is Craigslist just a marketplace for seriously mentally ill people to surf the internet?
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This story was so shocking it was made into a Lifetime movie called The Craigslist Killer. Of course, Craigslist defends itself by saying that the site is a service to the community and that the incidents numbers are quite low. That is no excuse for how disturbing and extremely damaging the despicable murders are. People take their safety for granted just because it is an official website however no one is ever screened for the truthfulness of what they claim in their postings.  There are no background checks on e-mails or phone numbers.  A young woman once turned to Craigslist to look for a roommate and after one moved in and beat her so violently that she is still in a coma. The roommate is in custody facing attempted murder charges. There are real dangers out there and don’t just trust anyone.
Cases happen all the time that just aren’t so prominent.  The bottom line is that you must be careful as to who you let into your private life. Who you let into your home. Who you let onto your property. A kind face or well- dressed person means nothing. One couple was selling a family ring and let a interested couple to view the ring into their home. Soon they were tied up with guns pointed at them. Criminals never have the intent to buy anything. They have the intent to commit a robbery and if you are willing to let them into your door they go for it. The husband was shot and killed.  The suspects are now in prison.

Craigslist has nothing. An Auction site has a registered name, a bank account and rules that apply to buying and selling stuff.  If you must use Craigslist, always meet in public. Go to a diner or a mall where there are a lot of people around and possible surveillance cameras around. Do your homework. Google them and try to find out who they are. 

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