Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Related imageIs it the end of the human race? Why aren’t people more concerned? It is a new mysterious disease causing international anxiety. It starts in Brazil from their disgusting water that mosquitoes are born and is spread to pregnant women causing brain dead children born literally without a brain. Ugh! This is a global health emergency that is virtually difficult to quarantine. Here in the United States there are already 50 cases confirmed. Why isn’t travel to and from Brazil at least curtailed since there are rumors that the disease can be spread through saliva as well?
The babies are born with an extremely small head called microcephaly. Because the child has no brain, the skull grows abnormally small. This is a devastatingly neurological condition. Doctors suspect that it is linked to a Zika Virus during pregnancy. In Brazil’s countryside there are thousands of families giving birth to these brain dead children. Roughly 150 cases showed up in Brazil in 2014 but last year there were more than 4000 cases. Many babies are being aborted. Other members of families could also be infected with fevers and rashes. Every case of microcephaly is different but the big common cause of each case is a mosquito carrying the Zika Virus. Can we kill every damn mosquito?
80% of people who contract the Zika Virus don’t even feel sick. How do you control such an outbreak? There is no cure and no treatment for the Zika Virus. So the Brazilian government is going door to door looking for any puddle of filthy water where the Zika Virus and its mosquitos can breed.  I don’t think that is enough. I think travel to and from Brazil should be limited and every single person should be sprayed with bug repellant every day. We hardly hear about this epidemic in the news daily. The more than 50 cases reported in the United States are here travel related. Do we really need this incurable devastating blow to the human race spreading to other countries, our country?
In Florida they declared a public health emergency in 4 counties. The Red Cross is telling people to hold off in donating blood for 20 days if they have been somewhere where there has been a Zika Virus transmission. Recently the first case of Zika transmission was reported through sexual contact. Someone who was infected by the virus spread it to a sexual partner.  We are DOOMED FOLKS!
Scientists say that blood transfusions and sexual contact should be the least of our concerns. Our efforts should be on preventing mosquito bites. If it spreads through mosquitos in large cities it is impossible to contain. Just one discarded tire with a small puddle of filth in it is a bed place for the mosquito to grow and multiply.  After a rain and some dead leaves is a perfect place for the larvae to produce. Poor towns surrounded by trash and filth are sure breeding grounds with homes with no air conditioning or screens to protect the humans from being bit is a perfect place for the human race as we know it to be altered in future generations. Wake up America! Put your guns down and clean up the place!

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