Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Related imageEveryday everyone seems to be so very concerned about how we will be voting. Maybe lawmakers should be paying more attention to the methods that they use to vote. After all we are in an election year and as an American it is the voting process that makes us all feel like part of this country besides all the taxes we have to pay. Some states have made the voting process easier. Three states allow people to vote for their candidate via United States mail. Some states allow you to register to vote on line. Some states require a picture identification in order to allow you to vote. The problem with that is that not everyone has a picture identification.
Voting is a right and if you take it away for any reason, you ruin democracy. Many states do not even have identification issuing offices open on any given day. For some reason white people have photo identifications on them more than black people or Hispanics. Voter identification still will not prevent vote buying, vote tampering and ballot box stuffing. Voter impersonation is rare anyway.   I say clean up your own house first. Lawmakers in the House of Representative have a habit of stealing votes from other seats who do not attend. They have long sticks that can reach the voting button on the seat next to them and can cast another vote to whatever they are voting on. Then the members of the House even declare that they are not doing anything wrong. If I can’t flip the ballot switch on a machine next to mine then those bloated idiots should not be able to cast a vote for anyone else either.
Passing a bill is equally important as my vote.  Make each representative show identification before they vote on anything. In fact they get paid a lot of money just to vote on things. If they are absent from work then a bill should not be voted upon until they at least phone in their vote. The practice of a reach over vote is not only wrong but is definitely inaccurate as to the opinion of the representative’s point of view on the subject being voted upon.  Yet whatever subject they vote upon we as citizens must follow as a rule or face prosecution. Prosecute those who cheat with their votes, who use sticks on the House floor who tamper with the right to make our laws. Prevent those bums from ever being able to vote again like any felony.              

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