Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Related imageDonald Trump and his Ideas for America (International)
He won again and has become the leading candidate for the Republican Party in America among candidates seeking to become America’s next President. Is it a good thing or are Americans in for the most frightening ride of their lives? Judging from his personality alone he is pompous, brash, bold, unforgiving and extremely opinionated. Is that what America wants? I thought we wanted a kind, reasonable, fair, sensible leader to be a representative of the greatest country in the world.
Donald Trump has a 19 point plan to make America the best country in the world. In brief he said he wants to: 1. Sell junk to Saudi Arabia since they blow up anything we send there anyway.
2. Repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that benefits everyone.
3. Stop sending money to China in the form of debt payments and tax them.
4. Renegotiate foreign trade deals.
5. Tax the Ford Car Company 35% for every car coming to America made in their Mexico Plant.
6. End Obama’s executive decisions on immigration.
7. End border crossings from Mexico to America because some of them are rapists.
8. Secure the border by building a great wall at the border crossings.
9. Have Mexico pay for that wall.
10. Don’t appoint a Secretary of State who rides bikes and breaks his leg.
11. Avoid riding a bike himself.
12. Work hard on the Islamic State Problem.
13. Stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.
14. Fund a strong General like General Patton or MacArthur to lead American troops again in the Middle East.
15. Rebuild the Countries infrastructure creating new bridges and roads.
16. Create jobs for all Americans.
17. Save Medicare,   Medicaid and Social Security without any cuts.
18. Protect the Second Amendment and allow every citizen to own guns.
19. Make the United States a great brand again.
Some of his other ideas include things that can be a terrifying setback in American policies and politics. Yet he won the New Hampshire Primary in a landslide. He pairs terrible ideas with an alarming temperament. He is a racist, a sexist and a demagogue but he is also a liar and lies often. In his acceptance speech he vowed to beat Mexico, China and Japan in trade. He wants to beat any country that takes a lot of money out of America in trade policies. Trump offers villains more than he offers solutions. Trump handles Americas rage with more rage rather than quiet peaceful resolutions.
Trump’s popularity comes from reality television and is known for his lack of shame and cruel behavior. He says and does things that most Americans wouldn’t dare to do and somehow he gets away with his brash ideas with a sense of admiration for having the guts to be so vocal meanwhile we all know he needs lessons in humility. Americans are tired and want to be proud again. We are still sad over 911 15 years ago and these many years of seeing our brave volunteer Military return home after many tours of duty broken men and women physically and mentally. We are tired of the great financial cost the wars in the Middle East has cost us. Will a brash rude man somehow give us pride again?

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