Thursday, January 28, 2016

Related imageWe live in a global world. We are even entertained by athletes and performers from all over the world. I haven’t seen a great heavy weight boxing match in America since Mike Tyson bit someone’s ear off. Well there is a really big crazy guy from Europe called The Gypsy King who has boxed just about everyone   and won. This guy’s personal life is almost as interesting as his boxing life.  He stands at almost 7 feet tall and hardly looks like those string bean poles of very tall men in basketball. So far the heavy weight king was a guy from Russia. Wladimir Klitschko   who   has   dominated the sports category for nine years.  This new big monster of a guy is Tyson Fury who is now the new heavyweight champion.
He is a man proud of his gypsy heritage from the United Kingdom. It is more of a family affair since all the men were into boxing throughout their lives. He feels that being the champion is his destiny. Being from Manchester, England he spars with his cousin, trained by his father and managed by his cousin and don’t mess with any of them because they are all tough guys. They could all be characters from an old John Wayne movie.  His 4 year old son is learning the family business of boxing. Fury dropped out of school at age 10 to become a boxer. At 14 years old he grew to be 6 feet 6 inches tall and only wanted to fight. He defined the odds since birth. He was born three months pre-mature weighing only one pound. No one expected him to survive but his father who named him Tyson after the then heavy weight champion of the world.
This child was bread to be one of the most feared people in the world. The Fury men have been bare knuckle prize fighters for generations. Their gypsy nomadic clan were known as The Irish Travelers who roamed England and Ireland for centuries. They got by with their fists while entire towns would bet that they would fail at fights. They settled everything with a bare knuckle fight. They fought for honor, pride and money. Shen a clan won a number of fights he was called a Gypsy King. So when the daughter of a king married his father who had achieved the status of a king, they knew that their son would grow up to be something extra special.
Tyson Fury’s blood line goes back 200 years of fighting men. Even after his father won enough money fighting to buy land, the family still chose to live in the trailer they moved around in on the land rather than live in the house. They were used to be welcomed nowhere and had a hard time settling down. As Tyson grew up he became angrier by the bigotry he faced growing up for the hatred of Gypsys’ by just about anyone.  In 2010 Tyson’s father was sentenced to 10 years in prison for gauging the eye out of a man in a bare knuckle fight. It was then in the absence of his father that another family member stepped in and made sure Tyson was being trained properly to be a world champion.

His life should be made into a movie. His cousin Peter earned a living by bare knuckle fighting for mobsters and for just about anyone who would pay for him to beat someone up for a price. Eventually he went to jail too for 10 years and had to pay fines of about 2 Million dollars. No this is not a fictional story. The family became born again by becoming legal fighters in the sport. By 2015 Tyson was ready for the heavy weight title match and his father just got out of prison to see it. Tyson now sings at fights, runs his mouth like Ali while no one can even get close enough to him to make him bleed. A true champion!

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