Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Society says…… We have a strange way of celebrating in this country. A man recently won a large amount of money in the Lottery. He celebrated by renting a Mansion, hiring whores, overdosing on Cocaine and died at 35 years old. A wealthy guy, basketball player  named Lamar was celebrating his divorce from a Kardashian and spent $75,000 on a whore house with 2 personal girls and almost died became a vegetable from a mixture of drugs overdosing. Recently a teenager killed 4 people with reckless driving wild extremely high on drugs. Where is the celebration or the fun? It seems that wealth also buy’s your way in the courts with a new adjective called the Affluenza Defense that gives you a light sentence even for murder.    
Related imageHis lawyers were able to initially keep him out of jail after a drunk driving accident. The kid would have gotten away with it all but the arrogant kid failed to check in with his probation officer. The behavior was outrageous as was the crime as was the defense. This kid’s excuse was that he was so rich, he didn’t know right from wrong. When did wealth cancel out good behavior in society? But it did! There was a video that was shown everywhere of the 16 year old kid playing beer pong at a party. It was that video that helped prove a violation of his probation. Ethan Couch then fled the country to Mexico, was found and is now in custody. On the night of the accident His blood alcohol level was at three times the legal limit. He was driving a large pick- up truck exceeding 70 miles per hour on a small 2 lane road. The teen behind the wheel walked away without any injuries.
Not only was he drunk but there were traces of THC, Valume and other drugs. The kid was charged with everything possible including four counts of intoxication manslaughter. It was hoped for that he would get 20 years but then it was decided that he would be tried as a Juvenile. Since he admitted guilt it skipped a trial and immediately went to a sentencing hearing. Someone wanted this thing decided quickly and put away. Treatment was recommended over jail time and the “Affluenza” term is dropped in court like a bomb. The reason for this crime was because he was a child of wealth. His parents never said no to him over anything. Does that make you even exempt from murdering people? What has happened in this society?
He was sentenced to only 10 years’ probation and time in a rehab center. Four dead, nine injured and not a single day behind bars. Money can also buy you the best legal counsel too. The families of the murdered and injured brought civil lawsuits for monetary damages and they were settled without admitting to a crime. Money also pays off distraught people too.  There was one case where a deposition was required and the kid admitted to taking Valium, hydrocodone, marijuana, cocaine, Xanax, vyvanse and Ecstasy. Why are kids being able to have access to so many disturbing drugs? The parents allowed him to fast forward into adulthood by even allowing him to live by himself in a 4,000 square foot home complete with a wet bar and in ground swimming pool out back.

He was allowed to drive since age thirteen. He was even arrested prior to this murder for another incident of DWI, possession of alcohol, public lewdness and for providing alcohol to minors and driving without a license. He violated as much as five laws that night. Even then money seemed to pay for a light sentence of taking an Alcohol Awareness Course and community service. He failed to do parts of that too.  The parents testified for not really disciplining Ethan for anything much.  They both fled to Mexico and when they refused to a simple request to remain low and quiet, they were caught. 

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