Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Related imageNow Presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to eliminate all Muslims from America.   What is even worse is that he is the most popular candidate in his party running to be our next nation’s president. Yes, we all agree that terrorism must be stopped on our shores but we also agree that gun use is out of control in this country. Instead of causing protests and eliminating an entire religion from our shores, we should be getting our non- tax paying Congress out of their lavish vacations and demand that they vote to eliminate guns here or at least implement better tracking of who the hell has a gun in this country.
Every time there is another massacre here, it reignites the need for more gun control. We are also fed up with the gun violence on our streets and in our homes. We have a solution that no one wants to exploit. Why? They are called Smart Guns. Personally I don’t think there is anything smart about any weapon but that is just me. In the 2012 movie called Sky Fall, James Bond is given a Smart Gun that only he can activate. It is not fiction in a movie. These types of guns do exist. Firearms that only recognize their owner are here now. They have a touch pad scanner that recognizes fingerprints that can be added to an existing gun. Other inventors are   working on guns that can recognize the squeeze of your grip or unlock wirelessly if the shooter wears a watch or a ring.
These guns could at least stop children picking up guns in the house and accidentally shooting each other. These guns could stop the resale of stolen guns estimated to be 230,000 every year. It would help cops when a criminal gets a hold on his gun and shoots a cop with his own gun. Yet there is no gun manufacturer willing to sell one. Why? There are at least a half dozen Smart Guns ready for manufacturing and many more in development. No major United States  company is making them and no one is willing to sell them. This is the problem Mr. Trump not religious people like many Muslims who are law abiding people here. The gun called the Armatix IP1 that is a Smart Pistol made in Germany one dealer tried to sell in America and he received death threats and boycotts against his business if he continued to sell the safer gun.
Why would gun owners and the National Rifle Association oppose the sale of any gun? 15 years ago American gun maker Smith & Wesson promised the Clinton Whitehouse to develop Smart Guns as part of a deal to fend off liability litigation. The gun Lobby organized a boycott against Smith & Wesson and factories were closed and workers were left out of jobs. After that no big company ever made a Smart gun in America.  Go after the gun Lobby Mr. Trump and leave a religious group alone.  

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