Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to convert military education to civilian education?  (Education)

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In America it is not only possible to get college credit for the courses you had taken during your time spent in the military you may also get college credit based on your time and experience spent in the military. This is important great news for all of the millions of returning veterans returning back from the 16 year war in the Middle East and for military personnel stationed all over the world who now needs to start a life here in America where college experience is all so important for most jobs now. Education is very important in this country.

The American Council on Education (ACE) works with people to review their military training and experience and recommend appropriate college credit for members of the Armed Forces.  The American Council on Education compiles the information in a document called the Joint Services Transcript (JST) that is used by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The Joint Services Transcript is an academically accepted document to validate a service member’s military occupational experience and training along with the corresponding American Council on Education’s   college   credit recommendations. It is the military’s transcript however it is up to each college institution to decide what recommendations the American Council on Education will apply to their school’s standards since each college institution has different requirements for their major studies.

Some colleges will accept the recommendations modify or even reject the findings by the American Council on Education. Whether an academic institution accepts the credit recommendations depends on its policies and procedures for transfer credit, your program of study, and your degree requirements. Wouldn’t it be great if you were offered a college degree after spending your years of service in the military? It is easy to even just inquire. All enlisted. Officers and warrant officers, both active and veterans from all Army components, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy can get their Joint Services Transcript by visiting the JST website. Air Force personnel should contact CCAF to receive transcripts. More than 2,300 American colleges and universities accepts and recognizes these transcripts from the Joint Services as official documentation of military training and experiences and applicable American Council on Education credit recommendations.

The American military experience is respected world- wide and we take pride in training other military forces of our allies as to how to run a safe and secure military operation. The American military educates the world. The procedure is simple. Have all your official transcripts from previous colleges and services branches sent to your new school of choice for evaluation, before you start taking any classes. Many students’ waste valuable time and money taking classes that are unnecessary duplications of previous courses because they signed up before their military and prior college transcripts were completely evaluated. So, be sure to discuss your unique situation with personnel in the college offices before you register for any costly courses. America is proud of their fine military active and veterans and are pleased to assist them in every way. . 

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