Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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The Pope has taken his first trip to America and he is here now. I find it amazing that millions of Cubans filled the streets singing religious songs and reciting prayers and The Pope saying Mass from a giant Cathedral in a country that is   Communist and not worshiping any God for the past 50 years?  Yet, there he was to the delight of millions.  I am a practicing Catholic and my wife will tell you that I need to practice.  The Pope is known throughout the world and is the spiritual leader to over a Billion Catholics. Being Pope must be a tough job because the last Pope quit. The Vatican says you are supposed to speak for God until you die. Most people don’t list Pope as a possible   career goal.

Related image Pope Francis is looking forward to making people want faith again, He is warm and genuine. While Donald Trump wants to build walls to keep people away and other Presidential Candidates are saying h would never accept a Muslim into higher office. This Pope says,   “Who am I to judge others?’ Meanwhile the world expects him to be the most judgmental of all people on earth. This Pope speaks about tolerance and acceptance of all people. He does not threaten you that he will chop off your head if you do not follow his religion.  The world is responding to his humility.  In this world of Putin, ISIS and Trump it is so nice for a world leader to say. Peace to all.

This Pope is more popular than ever because he is different. Before this Pontiff came to his position the Catholic Church was known for all that it is against. Against abortion, against gay marriage, against birth control and widespread pedophilia amongst their Priests. Pope Francis comes along and he is known as a Pope who really cares about the poor, he is concerned about the environment and he wants to preach the love of God and how we should stop senseless war and suffering among people.  He has a message that we all need to hear. Since March 2013, when he came to the title of Pope he said no more business as usual. It started with his choice to be the first ever Pope Francis taking the name of a Saint who lived in poverty.

Most Americans approve of the way he is leading the church. This month he decided that Priests can absolve women who have had abortions. He gives us all renewed faith that all will get better.

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