Thursday, September 24, 2015

In the first game of the season the Dallas Cowboys came from behind and won over the New York Giants. The National Football League is full of arrogant billionaire owners of teams who   often mistake their good fortune for good business sense. Jerry Jones even thinks he is the only person who can also be the team’s manager. He is in his 70’s and still feels like he is the only one to make the big decisions. In Dallas football seems to be more of an obsession than a sport. He bought the team back in 1989 but still acts like it is the first day at the job full of excitement. After 26 at the top he has accomplished the impossible.

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Related imageHe needs to be respected because he built the most spectacular stadium in the NFL and sells more tickets, merchandise, advertising just about more anything than any other owner. It has made the Dallas Cowboys the most valuable sports team on the planet. They are worth 4 billion dollars.  How do you do that when your team hasn’t gone to the Super Bowl since 1996? He makes losers look like winners and for the past 20 years he has been in charge of every major decision. The New England Patriots have gone 7 times to the Super Bowl in this time period and they are not worth as much money as Dallas. How does Jerry Jones do it?

He spent $100 million dollars on his star quarterback Tony Romo trying to get to the elusive Super Bowl but after only 2 weeks of play he is already out with a broken collarbone, who is 35 years old and has never been to the Super Bowl. Jerry and Tony are too old for the sport.  Jerry was a football player and won a national championship for Arkansas many years ago. Then at age 23 he gave up playing and decided to be an owner and spent many years getting money together to by a team. He borrowed money from a labor union, yes, Jimmy Hoffa to open up a chain of Pizza Places.  Hoffa had ties with the Mafia so in essence Jerry became married to the Mob.  

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They gave him enough money to buy the Chargers. He left the deal because he was afraid he would never be able to replace those men. So Jerry found another line of work in the oil and gas business and struck it rich enough that he could buy the Cowboys. He paid a staggering $170 million dollars for the team. It was more then than any owner paid for any team. He was 46 years old at the time. He turned the team around quickly and won 2 Super Bowls then silence because he fired the General Manager who was winning and hired himself. There wasn’t room for the both of them in the organization.

People love and hate Jerry   He even hires players who have criminal pasts. Star player Greg Hares  who  was   arrested for trying to kill his girlfriend and was not fired by Jones.   Owning the largest stadium is not enough for him. He is also building a large development dedicated to the Cowboys that will include fields, shopping, office space, hotel and practice place for the team covered and air conditioned. Another first for America. Now he still needs to win a Super Bowl with an injured highly paid old quarterback.                                                                   

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