Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Related imageWhat is wrong with the guys who play violent sports for a living who think they have a green light to beat up their women and then get away with it or at least their sports team employers look the other way? Last summer America was preoccupied with the NFL’s antics of Ray Rice who beat up his fiancĂ© in an elevator and left her on the floor and walked away for us all to see on elevator video cameras. It was shocking and it was brutal. Yet in MMA Mixed Marshal Arts there are far more violent acts of players assaulting their women to near death experiences and the brutality   barely gets reported. Why?
A man who legally changed his name to War Machine beat his ex-girlfriend nearly to death last summer. The girlfriend is adult film star Christy Mack who has audio of the attack as she tried to call 911 and hospital photos of how he brutally disfigured her from the beating. This type of behavior seems to be a pattern in the world of MMA. These two were seen everywhere as a happy couple. He had her name MACK tattooed on his neck and she had a tattoo on her that said property of war machine. Last August her screams were heard on the 911 call. War machine turned his MMA skills on her.
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She was a woman known for her beauty beaten beyond recognition. Even in boxing the top fighter Mike Tyson went to jail for his assault on a woman. America’s most violent sport of all MMA has seemed to escape scrutiny; Why? In February Tiago Silver was arrested for allegedly putting a gun in his estranged wife’s mouth. The charges were dropped when she fled the country. Just days later Kyacey Ice Cold Uscola was sentenced to 10 years for beating the mother of his child. In March Anthony   ”Rumble” Johnson was accused of battery by an ex-girlfriend. It is a claim that he denies but it is a claim made 3 times by 3 different women.

Then in August Josh Grispi was arrested twice in one week for alleged assaults on his wife.  Charges he too denies. Finally just three days after that, the Christy Mack assault that she says was the culmination of months of abuse. I want to know when the employer of these domestic violent abusers takes some responsibility for their guy’s bad behavior out of the spot light?  It is common knowledge that these guys take steroids. Steroids can make a guy more agitated and increase the sex drive. He even tweeted once that he raped Christy Mack and no one did anything in her defense. These men are experts in no bruising choke holds.

Related imageWar Machine is in jail now waiting for a trial. Christy suffered from her nose being broken in several places, her teeth shattered and her liver lacerated.  He is pleading not guilty to all charges including manslaughter and rape. Bellatore is the agency that hires these violent men for the MMA but offer little or no comment. They will terminate the contract after an arrest but why are these guys hired anyway?  When War Machine was signed to Bellatore in 2012 he was in jail serving time for felony assault. I guess these criminal types is who they want on their team. His signing from inside a Nevada prison was actually used as a promo tape.

His record at the time included t least 4 arrests including criminal assault and one of them was a conviction for domestic violence against a ring girl. I think MMA is just a venue for violence. Too many MMA fighters act outside the ring like they act inside the venue. The MMA owners should demand background checks of these violent men and should not hire them if they are offenders. The Domestic Violence Arrest Rate for MMA members is double the national rate. The MMA is only a way that aggressive fighting men can get paid for bad behavior.  The UFC have sponsors’ and a lot of money and they are supporting these fighters.  Something has to be done to protect the general public from these men.

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