Monday, August 17, 2015

Related imageWhat do you do when you really need money for a medical operation that you just can’t afford? You are not alone. Many people are finding themselves in the same situation. There is a movement called crowd-funding care that people are resorting to in a desperate effort to secure funds. Some people have more success in their efforts than others but at least it is an option for a desperate family. On line charitable causes receive billions of dollars in charitable donations. Medical costs are out of control and especially so if you have a serious illness.

People are so desperate for help that they take their causes to the Internet for exposure and help. You can put up fliers around town or you can even beg on street corners but to most people they will shy away from direct contact with a desperate Mom. There is a safer place to donate and to receive funds. The website is called Give forward.  There you can post pictures, describe the operation, explain your hardship and if the viewer wants to, donate funds to you to help with the high priced medical costs. The stress of having to go through a serious operation is bad and then you have to be able to pay for a hefty bill that follows.  People lose jobs all the time and their health insurance too.
Related image
Medical bills are now the leading cause of bankruptcy in America. So, many are going online for help. Give forward has about 14,000 medical fundraisers that most are for people who actually have insurance but is not enough to cover their particular operation.  Kristin Wilkinson already raised more than $50,000 for her infant son’s operation. The child needs a bone marrow transplant. She works for a tech company called Air B&B and her Give forward page was sent to the entire company worldwide where it took off from there raising $20,000 dollars in just 24 hours.  It gave her a renewed faith in humanity.

Medical crowd funding has been successful for a lot of people. An estimated $2.7 billion dollars was raised in 2012 and that number has been going up. Another website called is helpful too. It is shameful that the wealthiest country that America is has people begging for money just to survive and live a life. They say sharing is caring and the ability to share your needs is important too.

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