Sunday, August 16, 2015

Related imageTrophy hunting Americans are fighting back hiding behind their giant telescoping guns and expensive killing gear. If these idiots love hunting so much then put them in a area full of hungry large animals naked and see how good their hunting skills really are. Many big game hunters brag about their kill numbers on line. They claim that they help conservation efforts but I can’t believe that could be true. Probably only because they pay $50,000 to go to Africa and kill as many as they can find. Ever since news broke that Cecil the lion was killed by a Minnesota Dentist big game hunters have been under attack and I say rightfully so since they are an   arrogant bunch of shameless Americans.
Aaron Neilson is a big game hunter who has been posting pictures on Instagram exploiting all his kills proudly meanwhile he is just a little man hiding behind a big gun pressing one finger on a trigger. Not exactly some heroic killer saving the life of a girl in distress over the mighty beast. Luckily the comments they are receiving are all negative. The Empire State Building with its new lighting system transformed itself into a towering projection screen. It displayed endangered species on the side of the building.  TY toys just came out with a new Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby. The proceeds are going to benefit lion conservation. Delta Airlines said they will no longer transport any game trophies into the country. Another Doctor,   Dr. Jan Seski M.D. is under fire for his big game hunting hobby.  

Related imageHe is also in hiding with angry protesters stalking them.  Conservation groups dispute that their $50,000 fees do not help conservation of animals. Adam Roberts the CEO of Born Free USA says that these wealthy elite Americans do not help any species when they kill them. It is a thrill kill. The IUCN  The World Conservation Union did a study and found that hunting provided less than 1/3 of 1% of Zimbabwe GDP so the money is not even helping the economy in Africa much. Hunting accounts for less than 5% of Tourism.  The National Parks in Africa are not fenced in so animals could wander off into unprotected areas.  Conservation groups along with the Humane Society   have wanted the African lion to be placed on the endangered species list.  If they were, American   hunters could still hunt them legally but importing the trophies   would be forbidden. These trophies are the heads and animal skins.
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There are fewer than 34,000 African lions in the wild and hunters kill an average of 660 lions per year.  Nearly 2/3rs of the trophies are brought back by American hunters. Americans are by far the biggest population of trophy hunters worldwide. These idiot hunters want to kill the beasts even if they are not permitted to bring the skins and heads back to the United States.  They like the thrill of pulling a trigger? Idiots!  Now Zimbabwe officials are looking to arrest the American Doctors on poaching charges. Make it all illegal and let them put the hunters in jail.  We actually have United States Laws to protect wildlife in foreign countries.  There is the Lacey Act   signed into law by President McKinley in 1900. Even if they didn’t break any laws, these hunters now feel like they are in the middle of opposing opinions.  Just stop the killing.  

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