Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Supreme Court your work is not done. Another type of family wants to be recognized too in this world we live in of anything goes and it is all good and marriage means more about commitment than man and woman as husband and wife. We have a new culture of acceptance and another twist on the modern family. It features two moms and one dad and they call their relationship Polyamorous and they all are parents. The bed they share is just more crowded. There are families where the women love the women and have decided to include a man and have babies from him and he is their husband who has fathered children with both women.

These triads want to make it clear that they are not polygamists where the man had many different wives but the wives are not lesbians too.  Don’t get a headache. Just try to figure it all out too. They are not like the families that was made famous in the TV show Big Love or the other show called Sister Wives. This is just a want to validate a very busy three-some bed. They also share parenting responsibilities equally. Is it wrong or even confusing? Say some lesbians in a committed relationship also want to have babies in a committed relationship with the father too? It is a busy bed and more help in raising the children. There is almost always a parent present with the children.

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Their intimate three –way wedding ceremony seals part of the deal for them. They all have a husband and a wife. Polyamorous   families are not legally recognized. They hope to be able to share assets in three-ways but they also have the problem of being able to share benefits. We are living in a time where attitudes about marriage are shifting. Only last month the Supreme Court handed down the historic decision that states are required to allow same –sex couples to marry. What about the polyamorous trios? They are just extended gay people who also want to not be gay sometimes to have the father of their kids in bed too. I need some headache medicine now.

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The polyamorous families are pushing their type of love and family in the web series called Looks Like Love to Me.   It   is unusual for a lesbian couple to all of a sudden say they need a man too but here we have it happening. They find a guy who loves them both. They feel their relationships are a healthy way to raise a family. Poly amorous families have been around for a long time but they never wanted the legal recognition too in the past.   So, it is harder to be poly than gay or lesbian.   Diana Adams runs a Nontraditional Family Law Practice as an Attorney in Brooklyn N.Y. and she says that she has TGthe new frontier in terms of family definition. 

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