Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Related imageCongress get off your ass and with the Supreme Court vote so that all states in America will require background checks before you are allowed to buy a gun. There are only 4 states that do require a inquiry and only eight new states that have recently required background checks. All states should have this simple requirement to keep the crazy people away from gun ownership. All Americans should be able to agree at least on that point. There have been 242 new firearm state laws passed in the past two years but of those laws, 99 tighten gun restrictions but 88 of the laws actually expand rights of gun owners.  Louisiana ranks in the 5th weakest in gun laws in the country according to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The most recent movie theater rampage on innocent people happened in Louisiana.

Related imageIt happened from the hands of an isolated and angry gunman. He killed two innocent women who just went out to see a movie. Emily Mann an eyewitness saw a man standing wearing a big jacket take something shinny from his coat.  She heard the first shot but by the second shot she dropped to the floor looking for a way out of there. The shooter is 59 year old John Russell Hauser. His victims are 2 dead and 9 wounded. He sat alone at the back of the theater. Emily sat just feet away from him, as he shot at least   13 rounds from a 40 caliber hand gun. Emily crawled to the stairs where a hero woman pulled her to safety. The heroic woman stayed another few seconds to save Emily.

Related imageOther heroes’ were teachers Jeannie Meaux who threw herself in front of the gun taking a bullet to save her friend Allie Martin from death.  Allie then pulled the fire alarm and the police were there within a minute. Who knows how many lives she saved.   Jonah Slason   was one of the 300 people running for safety.  The killer’s car was parked right outside the exit door with the car keys over the wheels ready for a quick escape.  He saw the cops and went back in the theater and shot himself dead. It all took place within 20 minutes. He was living at a Motel where they found disguises. He was a man not attached to family members anymore. He had a history of mental illness and domestic violence. Court documents show evidence that he had manic depression and bi-polar disorder.

He applied for a gun permit in 2006 and should have never been approved for a gun. We are in an era of mass killings where there are 4 or more victims. There have been more than 200 mass killings since 2006. We need to change the laws to a national requirement of background checks

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