Monday, August 31, 2015

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It seems to all be about the man when we have a superhero lately. Super Man, Bat Man, Spider Man, now Ant Man where are the women super heroines? Male domination of the super hero realm might be ending soon. There is the ABC series now called Agent Carter featuring a woman as a superhero and then there are the movies throwing out the Damsville in distress story line. Now   women are aggressive and are the problem solvers not just crying messes on the sidelines of an action scene. The fan base for comic books are 47% women yet following the comics is still considered a boys club.

Related imageIn the 1990’s things changed a lot showing women as big breasted thong wearing sword swinging bigger than life heroines. We needed a humble regular girl like Wonder Woman to solve things. Meredith Finch is the writer of Wonder Woman she says she combines her own life experiences with the experiences of strong women in her story lines. She must have some really interesting home life. Her hope is that everyone who reads Wonder Woman sees a bit of their own struggles and in some way identifies with the story.  There will always be modern day bad guys.

Gail Simone is the writer of “Birds of Prey “   says that men don’t like it but women can put away a bad guy too just like the male Super Hero’s do.  Amanda Conner is the artist and writer of “Harley Quin” who believes that years ago there were 5-10% of women coming to Comic Book Conventions now it is 50-50.  So bring on the powerful and   sexy women in life and in the comics. I think men can handle the new type of exposure. In Marvel Comics there are many strong women. They have   Thundra   with her sexy abs who is super tall and super strong and super sexy. She takes on a romantic pursuit of the Thing back in the 70’s.  

There is Sersi with her miniskirts being all farming in her pursuit of justice. Carole Denver's is the really hot feminist who aftervv   decades finally gets promoted as a front runner of action hero.  The most famous is the Black Widow known   for her calmness in any situation. She is famous because she helps the Avengers fight She is the vison n f beauty, grace and skill as all women are.

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