Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Related imageHe is a billionaire and   owns just four pair of shoes and made his billions from selling shoes. There is more. He lives in a trailer surrounded by farm animals and is not your average CEO. He is the owner of ZAPPOS the online shoe store. He says that he has lived in 10 places in his life and by far the trailer life is his favorite. After all he can afford to live anywhere he wants to so why not make it your favorite but why in a trailer surrounded by farm animals? He is Tony Hsiea and is 41 years old. He lives in a 240 square foot Airstream trailer.  He rents it for $950 a month. He says that he cares more about experiences than stuff.

Related imageHe invested $350 Million dollars to clean up downtown Las Vegas. The investment was given to small businesses to create more of a sense of community.  He wanted the area to be more walkable. It must be nice to be so rich that you can create your own vision of a community.  Within a few blocks of his ideal community is ZAPPOS headquarters.  There is no dress code at his place of business or job titles just another feeling of community. At work he calls it a Holacracy where everyone is in charge and anyone can be compelled to do something good for the company.  The employees decorated the board room in a Star   Wars Theme.   The place looks like more fun than business yet everyone is happy and busy.

Related imageWith the employees running the show, there is no upper management and they all say they run the show. The employees even determine their own salaries.  They divide the pay by the budget amount and the number of people that need to be paid. Quite a simple plan. The employees really just want to be there. Could this be the model company for the future? They want to be there even on their day off. It also gives new meaning to the phrase, if the shoe fits,   wear it.  The company is known for its excellent customer service. It is not unlikely that a representative will be on the phone with a customer for an hour helping them decide on a shoe they want.

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