Thursday, July 2, 2015

You wake up every day thinking and being non- judgmental   or highly   opionated    until you take a good long look in the mirror and it tells you who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be thinking about and how you should judge others. If you see slanted eyes you should be good at math or run a laundromat or Chinese restaurant. If you have white features but dark skin you should work at a call center. If you are black you should resent white people and if you are white you should have the confederate flag on your shirt?
Before you looked in that mirror none of these thoughts ever entered your mind. You were just you and didn’t care about any race issues. Unfortunately the stereotypes are alive and well in society now more than ever. Trump hates Mexicans. Blacks hate cops and stupid young white kids hate blacks. What if there were no mirrors? Would we even know who we are supposed to hate? One thing about the aftermath of the killing spree in the “Black” church in Charleston somehow brought a moment of peace and unity among races since the act of killing people who are praying in a church was such a horrible thing to do.

The horrific killing of truly forgiving families who immediately forgave the soul of that stupid kid who killed their loved ones showed how really religious those families’ are. It then made the politicos take down the Confederate flag of slavery in the south down to rest in the museums where it belongs. They should also change the name of the bridge featured in the recent movie Selma that is still named in honor of a KKK member. How the killing of 9 innocent people praying in a church is associated with the Confederate flag is only linked through the white supremacy killer’s actions. Too bad he looked in the mirror and saw a killer.

The 21 year old 9th grade dropout did not learn from history books. He learned prejudice from news reports of black people rioting in the streets. In his drug induced rants he wrote on line his hate for Blacks, , Hispanics and Jewish people. Can racism ever be erased? Maybe in the year 2300 when the earth will become one mixed race and then what will the prejudice be based on? What is the future of organized hate in America? How often have we heard love one another but never really listened? Somehow we are all growing to accept the lack of boundaries in terms of who we get to make love to. The Supreme Court just voted that gay marriage is legal all over America. Now society has grown to accept that you can even change identities in your lifetime in terms of gender too. `

Is loving one’s people a crime? Too many unanswered questions. Since the year 2000 the number of hate groups in America has increased by 30% according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Most people are not raised in a racists’ environment. Does freedom in America mean we also have the freedom to hate? I guess so as long as we don’t act on it with violence.  The Internet has been a great source for hate. ISIS would not have the power it has globally if it were not for the Internet’s global reach for anyone to say anything at any time right or wrong.

One thing for sure, it always leads to violence. Racial and religious violence happens every day. In a few days America will be celebrating our political war from generations ago for political freedom. July 4th should mean much more to us all.  

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