Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What the hell India? You are the largest democracy on earth. You have an advanced growing economy and a supposedly highly educated population and cutting edge technological capabilities such as space and nuclear weapons programs. Sounds like a very smart place to be. Then how can India be so stupid and live in such barbaric conditions? Where is the ethics in terms of cleanliness and birth control? Why is India still struggling to provide for its poor? Why can’t they get their sanitation and clean water under control? Even the ancient Greeks and Romans had systems in place for adequate sanitation and plumbing. How can a country literally forget and abuse the land and the people all at the same time?

The United Nations has reported that without dramatic change in how we manage our water in 15 years 40% of the world will not have adequate access to usable water. Well the hell hole that India has already become is a water desiring mess of a land. The problems are so bad now that the land is in a water crisis already. In Meerut, India a small town in northern India livestock roam the streets freely, trash is littering the streets everywhere with dead carcasses of dogs and smaller animals rotting in the sun. There are small canals filled with human shit and waste next to every building and home. The air smells like a breath of raw sewage. There are open air sewers everywhere and what is worse is that it bothers no one but the people who dare to visit India.
There is no sewage facility at all. There are crude floor level toilets where you can’t sit on. Your defecation's flow straight outside into a canal or small gutter. Women use shit filled brooms to scoop it all out of the house separated by a wall into the gutter right outside the home. Locals hire people to continue to sweep the waste products to other streets. It is literally sitting contaminated urine and water and feces. The people breathe and smell this waste every day. Why? I thought they were an intelligent people? People are sick all the time. The sewage flows directly into waterways. One of the most polluted waterways is the Yamuna River in India that is just a larger toilet filled with untreated raw sewage. Why are these people allowing their rivers to be toilets?
The Yamuna River is a vital waterway that runs through New Delhi. Why ignore the filth? It is also considered one of the holiest Rivers in India. People come to pray there, cremate dead bodies and offer blessings. The people bathe in the river and drink the water and then get very sick. Sunita Narain is the Director General for the Center for Science and Environment there. She says that about 80% of the sewage that is generated in India’s cities is untreated and disposed of in the water bodies that include rivers, lakes or even ground water. Well if you are aware that there is an existing   problem; then   do something about it!

They need to reinvent the wheel of sewage management in India. It is unacceptable as human beings to not to provide health security and water security for an entire population. We all know that the connection between sanitation and water is critical. It is not just a lack of infrastructure of toilets   that is posing a problem, in many parts of India open displays of deification is widespread. How could these so called educated people just decide to drop their pants and take a crap in the middle of a sidewalk , leave the shit on the street and continue to walk into someone else’s pile of shit on the street? What is wrong with these people?

Because less than half the households have toilets open defecation is rampart. In India 638 Million people shit in the street. At least there have been some protests asking for better living conditions. Even members of their political system find it odd that there are more temples to worship at than toilets. ODD! Do something about the problem! They say that it is a habit and that a large portion of toilets provided aren’t being used by the people due to their habits of shitting in the streets. As a result of all this 97% of India’s people do not have an adequate source of clean drinking water. It is the main reason that a million children under the age of 5 die there every year.  The diseases brought on by the filth is becoming resistant to antibiotics. A major problem is the increasing population. Over the last 40 years India’s population has doubled in size from 600 Million to 1.2 Billion people.  In that same time span more than 30 Million water wells and pumps have been constructed which is draining India’s water table. When will they address the problem of water management?

Clean water has become so scarce that cities depend on water trucks for their basic needs. Four oil delivery size tankers will arrive for about 1,200 people who carry plastic jugs they can carry. Soon it is like a riot of people shoving and pushing to the trucks that throw out pool tubes that land in the contaminated shit filled dirt. So, already the new water has been contaminated from the soil. The chaos continues. The United Nations or Red Cross or someone sensible needs to save India from themselves. The globe needs some real tender loving care.


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