Friday, July 24, 2015

Related imageSupplements are totally unregulated by the government yet many of our military are hooked on the stuff. For some the stuff can be the worst enemy they can ever face. We all realize that there are physical demands of all athletes and from our soldiers who do look very good and are people who are in great physical shape. To get and maintain a great physique many turn to supplements but some substances contain potentially very unsafe ingredients. They can cause illnesses or even death. Why are they allowed to be used in the military?

Military enlisted soldiers are dying not from combat but from supplements. 22 year old soldiers are dying from heart attacks during a routine morning jog. Jack3d is one of the countless work our supplements being widely used by pro athletes to add speed and strength. The military uses it more than any other group. Up to half of the U.S. Military is estimated to take workout supplements. For them, being physically fit is a way of life. Their careers and lives depend on it.  Jack3d was supposed to be the safe alternative for a skinny guy to get bulk without taking steroids. It killed young soldiers. The stuff is not only available at your local GNC store but it is available on any of the 130 military bases around the country.

Related imageThe General at the military base did an investigation into the soldier’s death and found that a main ingredient in the Jack3d supplement is DMAA. Two more soldiers died from taking products that contained DMAA at Fort Bliss. Some products seem to be marketed to attract soldiers jut by their names. Stuff called Target or Explode. There are hundreds of health risks associated with supplements. They are not tested on animals or held back to be tested and monitored on humans. There is a law from 1994 that insulates supplements from supervision. Laws are supposed to protect people not companies. How the hell was this passed?

Drug and food laws are there to protect the people.  This clearly was designed to protect the industry against regulations. The law   that is still in effect was sponsored by Oren Hatch from Utah. He is also the number one recipient of campaign contributions from the dietary supplement industry. In 2010 he was still the largest recipient of campaign contributions from this industry and he wasn’t even up for reelection. We need to throw all these bloated overpaid congressmen elitist people out of our government that only have their own best interests at hand. Our people are dying from these unregulated substances being allowed to be sold to our people. It is all wrong.

Since that law was passed, supplement revenues sold at places like GNC have exploded from $9 billion dollars per year to an estimated $30 billion dollars per year. No state has benefited more than Utah the home state of Oren Hatch. The industry has hired lobbying firms to stay out of their business. His son Scott Hatch had a high position in the lobbying agency. Yes, the rich people just get richer. In 2012 another Senator, Dick Dunphy,   proposed for legislation to require supplements to list the ingredients   and that was shut down by Hatch.  How does any of this support the troops?
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Soldiers are dying from the use of supplements and some are seriously ill and being terminated from the service. This is certainly an unregulated industry and needs to be torn from Senator Hatch’s protection.  Why doesn’t the Pentagon get involved and at least not provide supplements to be sold on military bases? Why sell poisons to your service people? It is a crap shoot if you will get a good supplement or one might possibly kill you but so is the military. They are gambling on living a long life anyway. 

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